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Belo 360° Liposuction Proves Why Liposuction is Still the Gold Standard For Fat Removal

By Ysabel Vitangcol on July 2, 2019

Achieving your ideal body shape is never an easy journey. Proper diet and exercise may be best way to lose weight and get the body you truly desire, but sometimes these aren’t always enough, especially when your metabolism slows down and the excesses and indulgences of your younger years finally catch up with you—those tequila shots you downed every Friday night, the pizzas you had delivered because you were too tired to cook after work, the cookies you scarfed down as a form of stress-eating. 

Now, no matter how many pasta buffets you passed up on or hours you spend sweating your way through Pound class, that persistent bit of tummy or those bye-bye arms are still a constant. It can get so frustrating that sometimes you just wish for instant gratification, or at least a little boost-up. 

Instant gratification may come in the form of liposuction, the popular procedure that’s still considered the gold standard in fat removal. In the traditional liposuction procedure, fat was sucked out from under the skin via manual manipulation and a thin tube called a cannula. Often, the procedure was bloody and messy, and it came with down sides: excruciating pain, and the potential for weird bumps and loose skin post-surgery. 

These days, liposuction has a kinder and gentler reputation, no less due to advanced technology. And with Belo 360 Degrees Liposuction, the procedure has become more holistic. Belo’s signature way of doing lipo is more circumferential, targeting not just the stubborn fat but the area around it as well. As Dr. Eloisa Buse, managing physician at Belo Medical Group explains, everything gets slimmer and toned in a way that you won’t end up with a thin part while everything else is fat. 

While liposuction more or less gives permanent results, destroying the fat cells in the areas that were targeted, Dr. Buse warns that it shouldn’t be taken as a license to eat and live a sedentary lifestyle. “It is a push to a start-up diet. If not maintained with diet and exercise, patients gain the fat in the areas that were not done.” She encourages patients to eat the right kind of food in moderate amounts and to complement their diet with exercise to improves the form of their new body. 

Discover how Belo 360° Liposuction can give you the body that you want – book a consultation with one of our doctors now by calling 8819-BELO (2356) or click here.

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