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How to Bounce Back From a Long Period of Not Working Out

By Ysabel Vitangcol on January 10, 2021

Remember the Dalgona coffee era of quarantine? We were all so motivated, thinking it would all be over by May. June, tops. So we worked out…often. Chloe Ting, for one, shot up to become one of the top fitness YouTubers ever, precisely because so many of us used her videos to keep trim while inside. But as stay-at-home guidelines dragged on, we put on our workout clothes less often. We gave in to our sweet cravings more often than normal. Soon enough, the phrase “Quarantine 15” was born. How does one bounce back after not working out for weeks—or even months? Here’s your ease-back-in approach.

  1. Take it easy, and we mean very easy, on yourself.

Your first day back doesn’t have to be an Insanity workout. Relax, there’s no one here judging you. Bouncing back doesn’t mean going from zero to 100. We’re here to rebuild a long-term habit, so taking it slow is perfectly acceptable. Try this Lazy Girl Full Body Workout by Vicky Justiz. There isn’t a single jump in this routine. Right up our alley.

  1. Get yourself some cute new workout gear.

Nothing motivates you to get moving better than an irresistible pair of leggings and a sports bra to boot. Why not some new trainers, too? Whatever you need to feel fun and excited about sweating it out again, do it! Get it! Resistance bands! New dumbbells! Think of it as an, uh, investment for your health. *shrug*

  1. Prepare a bangin’ workout playlist.

Yeah. Don’t just use your standard ‘happy songs’ playlist—create a special playlist with songs that you ONLY listen to when you’re working out. This creates a sort of Pavlovian association: whenever you hear those specific tunes, your brain will subconsciously remind you that it’s time to push your limits.

  1. Plan your first cheat day in advance.

Another thing to get you excited? Rewarding yourself. Make a promise like, “If I manage to work out 3 times a week for the next two weeks, I get to order from [favorite restaurant].” Cheat days are part of keeping a healthy lifestyle sustainable! You need to indulge once in a while to be able to stay the course.

  1. Stay hydrated to avoid post-workout pain.

Chances are your body’s going to feel sore if it’s your first time back in a while. To remedy this, drink lots and lots of water—it’s what your muscles need to repair themselves, says Popular Science. Once you start working out more regularly, your body will get the hang of it.

Don’t pressure yourself to achieve the same things you did when you were working out frequently. It’ll take some time to get back in shape, but once you do, it’ll be worth it. Take care of yourselves, Belo Beauties!

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