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How to Convince Your Boyfriend to Have a Skincare Routine

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 15, 2020

Once you go long-term with a new person, there’s often a tendency to borrow habits from one another. If they hit the gym on the reg, you just might pick up a dumbbell more often. If they love Korean barbecue, then you’re down, too. But if you’ve noticed your boyfriend taking a gander at your side of the medicine cabinet lately (and borrowing your face wash every once in a while), here are a few ways you can get him to have a fully-fledged skincare routine.

1. Bring it up in passing more often.

The next time you two are prepping for bed together—he’s brushing his teeth, you’re doing your skincare—you could say something casual like, “Ugh, I really love this toner. Natatanggal talaga yung dumi,” or “My face wash smells so good, no?” This won’t be enough to convince him just yet, but you’re planting the seeds and laying the groundwork here. Be patient!

2. Leave him a little gift.

At Belo, our male patients often come as a result of their girlfriends or wives convincing them to give it a try. You can do the exact same thing at home! You can browse online shops and find something for your man. Then, leave it on his side of the bathroom sink with a note, and he’ll surely get the message.

3. Lovingly point out a skin issue of his—and the product that can solve it.

If you’ve been dating him for a while (or if you’re already married), there’s nothing wrong with a little constructive criticism. You can lovingly point out that, say, he’s been looking a little oilier lately, and that you have something that could really help. So long as it’s brought up nicely or playfully enough, you won’t hurt his feelings.

4. Talk about other men who care for their skin.

Vince Vaughn wears Balm Dotcom in Original. Via MUA/groomer @spygirlmo

Posted by Glossier on Friday, September 29, 2017

Some men are dyahe to have a skincare routine because it’s seen by some as unmanly. But the world has changed, and caring for yourself shouldn’t be defined by archaic gender roles. If men like David Beckham, The Rock, John Mayer, and Vince Vaughn can admit to having skincare routines, so can your SO! Do with that information what you will. (We’re still not over the fact that Vince Vaughn uses Glossier products in his routine. ADORBS.)

5. Let your skin do the talking.

If all else fails, lead by example! If you keep your skin clear and healthy, he’s bound to take notice—especially if you’ve overcome a skin issue recently and he sees the results for himself. All you have to do is wait for his curiosity to pique!

Men tend to have oilier, rougher skin than women, so it’s actually more important for them to have a proper skincare routine. You can nudge him in the right direction with a little patience and affection—just be sure to point him to the experts. Once you’ve got him convinced, the next step is a consultation.

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