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How to Create an ~Effortless~ IG Feed, According to Leila Alcasid

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 22, 2020

At a time when social media reigns supreme, an essence of authenticity is still very much craved. And while it’s quite tempting to curate a perfect social media feed, especially on platforms like Instagram, there’s still something very appealing about having an effortless but authentic feed. Luckily, we have Belo Baby Leila Alcasid to turn to for inspiration. Here are just some tips we’ve learned from her effortless IG feed.

1. Find some natural light.

The days of heavily edited photos are over, and natural lighting is having its day in the sun. So our first feed curation tip we observed from Leila’s Instagram is her love of using natural lighting for most of her photos. Finding a source of sunlight, like a big window or going out to your garden, for your photos adds a gentle natural filter to any photo if you time it for early in the morning or around golden hour, so it wouldn’t look too harsh on your skin.

2. Nail the art of a confident selfie.

Let’s be real, social media is a way of documenting our vanity moments. What better way than to post a selfie? Leila is always posting selfies to fill up her feed. This adds some personality to her profile. But the key to selfies is owning it with confidence! Whether it’s through a beaming smile or sultry gaze, your confidence will transfer through the camera and on to your feed—guaranteeing all the likes *wink*.

3. Feature your beloved pets!

If you’re a parent to a cute furbaby, they probably already have a designated spot on your feed. But these quick snapshots are a sneak peek into your daily life behind the camera, letting your followers know more about you and the things you love. It’s also very hard to make a pet look perfectly posed, so these spur-of-the-moment photos will add a personal touch to your online life.

4. Don’t be afraid of wacky shots.

Speaking of letting people get to know you through photos, here’s another tip from Leila’s feed: wacky photos make you more real. These don’t necessarily mean making silly faces, if that’s not your thing, but also documenting humorous moments with your loved ones. These candid happy moments, when caught on camera, is a sight to behold and one to fondly reminisce over in the future.

5. Bring out the throwback photos.

Lastly, for the days when nostalgia hits you hard or simply to share a special moment with a loved one with the online world, why not upload some throwback photos to your childhood? Leila loves to post throwback photos of her loved ones on their birthdays with a heartfelt caption included. Likewise, your mom probably has a whole treasure trove of film photographs that are just waiting to be shared on your feed. Get to posting those ASAP!

Remember, it’s your feed to do as you please. Perfectly polished Instagram feeds are best left to the businesses and online portfolios—let your authentic personality shine through on your personal IG!

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