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How to Get a V-Shaped Chin Like Your Fave K-Drama Stars

By Ysabel Vitangcol on August 12, 2020

Were you a Korean drama fan prior to the quarantine period? If you were, congrats on the impeccable taste. But many who are newbies to the genre and discovered it while under lockdown are just now marveling at K-drama actors’ impossibly tiny faces. Not only are their faces small and sculpted, they also narrow at the bottom, creating a beautiful V-shape at the chin. Have you wondered whether that’s possible for you? The good news is, it totally is! And Belo has had these face-sculpting options for years, so you can trust that we know what we’re doing. From nonsurgical options to firming skincare products, you, too, can achieve that much-coveted V-shaped chin.

1. Draw attention to your chin by slimming down your jawline.

To achieve an overall “narrower” look, it’s necessary to sculpt the jawline so that your chin becomes the star of the show. If you’re struggling with a double chin, Thermage FLX will take care of that in 45 minutes. This RF treatment was actually our bestselling procedure during the 8.8 sale—it’s just that effective! As an added bonus, it’ll also give your brows and eyes a lift, and it’ll reduce the sagging skin on your cheeks if you have it.

WHO ELSE HAS TRIED IT: Anne Curtis, Julia Barretto, Janine Gutierrez

2. Emphasize a V-shape by having your masseter muscles relaxed.

Your masseter muscle plays a major role in the chewing of food. That’s why people who are prone to grinding their teeth as a compulsion tend to look “wider” in the lower half of their face. By injecting Botox into the masseter muscles, your doctor can make them relax, and thus appear smaller. This will cause noticeable slimming right after the procedure. 

WHO ELSE HAS TRIED IT: Yeng Constantino, Martine Cajucom-Ho, Cole Hernandez

3. Improve overall facial contours using dissolvable threads.

Does the phrase “embedded protein threads” sound scary to you? Well, fear not, because this procedure merely involves the insertion of special threads into different points of the face. They will act as a sort of “scaffolding” to lift and tighten the skin where needed. (Our doctors can even use it to improve the bridge of your nose!) After about four to six months, the threads will safely dissolve on their own. This is a great solution for those who don’t want to go under the knife or endure the potential discomfort of an RF procedure. 

WHO ELSE HAS TRIED IT: Korina Sanchez, Camille Co, Grace Lee

4. Encourage stubborn facial fat to leave the face with an injectable procedure.

Have localized, stubborn fat on the face? You can mimic the effects of liposuction with V-Contour, an injectable procedure that dissolves fat in the targeted area and accelerates their natural release through the lymphatic system. This is really great for those who have a squarish jawline and want more of a V-shape (hence the name). This quick procedure only takes 15 minutes. You could literally do it over your lunch break!

WHO ELSE HAS TRIED IT: Liza Soberano, Georgina Wilson, Vice Ganda

5. Enlist the help of dermal fillers to enhance the chin area.

Sometimes, you could have a slim face, but the presence of a little double chin can make you look chubbier than you actually are. That’s where dermal chin fillers come in: by adding volume to the chin area, you can shape and define the chin…and dramatically improve the shape of your whole face!

WHO ELSE HAS TRIED IT: Sue Ramirez, Kim Domingo

There are many ways to achieve the V-shaped face you’ve always dreamed of, and we have various treatments that suit your budget, skin type, and beauty goals. To book your appointment, call 8819-BELO, or book a Belo Online Consultation (you can even schedule one with Dr. Belo herself here!).

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