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How Vice Ganda Achieved The V-Shaped Face

By Ysabel Vitangcol on October 19, 2018

Popularized by comedian, actor, host, and certified Belo baby Vice Ganda, #HugisBigas is a term that quite literally refers to her new face shape. “’Yung manipis na habaan, ’yung hindi chubby yung cheeks,” she explains. One look at her and you’ll instantly see what she means. Her formerly round and heavy cheeks have improved, and her facial features—specifically her cheekbones and jawline—are now more defined and contoured giving her better facial symmetry. “Ito ’yung shape na matagal ko nang gustong magkaroon,” she reveals.

Thanks to recent makeup trends like contouring and with K-Pop beauty on the rise, the V-shaped face shape (or what Vice calls, #HugisBigas) is now a seen as more attractive. “Supposedly, the perfect face is oval,” says Dr. Vicki Belo. But now that a new concept of beauty is emerging, the ideal face shape has become “a cross between an oval and a diamond,” explains the celebrated dermatologist and doctor to the stars.

Vice Ganda

“Sa Belo, ’yung mga procedures nila, sobrang bilis ng effect. Sobrang galing. Sobrang hindi ka masasaktan,” reveals Vice.

Road to #HugisBigas

Vice revealed that it took a few visits to the Belo clinic to achieve her new look. “Ang dami kong pinagdaanan at na-try [na treatments]…para mabanat ang mga naglalaylay na bahagi ng face dahil sa gravity, sa stress, sa work,” she shares. But the real game changers she credits are these top two face slimming treatments: Belo Thermage and V-Contour.

A celebrity favorite, Belo Thermage is a non-invasive procedure that uses patented unipolar radiofrequency (RF) technology to tighten the skin, contour the face, and smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles. It also stimulates collagen production. More popularly known as an anti-aging treatment, this procedure visibly lifts the face—with results similar to that of a facelift—but without the surgery.

As for V-Contour, this is a quick procedure that slims down the targeted area by mobilizing fat and accelerating its natural breakdown through the lymphatic system. “That’s why it’s so effective,” says Dr. Belo, adding it works best on the face “where fat is nearer to the surface.” Done in just 10 to 15 minutes, it’s perfect for those who want to slim down their facial features without going under the knife!

vice ganda hugis bigas
Fierce and Belo-beautiful! “I trust Dr. Belo kasi she treats me like family,” shares Vice. “Kaya naman buong-buo ang tiwala ko kay Dr. Vicki Belo kasi nakita ko yung malaking difference ng hitsura ko dati!”

Belo Addict

“Nakaka-ganda talaga siya!” Vice stresses with a laugh, adding that she often uses the hashtag #HugisBigas whenever she posts a selfie to prove her point. Apart from Thermage and V-Contour, she also regularly undergoes Belo’s other skin tightening and contouring treatments such as the Skin Reboot, Exilis, and EPT (Embedded Protein Threads). She’s also tried Juvederm, Botox (for her underarms), Fractional C02, and Fractional Needling.

Unlike most celebrities who shy away from admitting that they’ve had cosmetic procedures done, Vice isn’t afraid to reveal anything—especially if they’ve been instrumental in helping her a better version of herself. “Of course I loved myself before…But I love myself more right now,” she shares. “Sa panahon ngayon…hindi siya nakakahiyang sabihin na nagpa-Belo ka, o Binelo ’yung mukha mo. It is really worth investing in yourself. I believe it’s your obligation to take care of yourself kasi it’s a wonderful gift.”

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