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How to Make the Most of a Long Weekend

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 26, 2020

There are 12 long weekends in 2020—and we still have three more coming up, with the first happening this weekend (thanks to Bonifacio Day on Monday, November 30). But like many, you’ve probably found yourself looking forward to the extra chunk of free time, only to find yourself back at your desk again, the long weekend all but gone. How exactly do you make the most of a long weekend without feeling like it passed by too soon? Here are a few tips.

1. Divvy up your days.

Weekend rule numero uno: don’t scatter your errands throughout it. You’re going to feel like there’s a “task” every single day, which will prevent you from true relaxation—like really enjoying a weekend morning because you’re not thinking about having to leave at 1:30 for something. Let’s use the upcoming long weekend as an example. You have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday free. On Saturday, get all the errands you need to get done out of the way. That way, you have Sunday and Monday—AKA a full “normal” weekend—to completely veg out. 

2. Book a staycation.

Unfortunately, unless you have the time, vacation leave balance, and resources to quarantine for two weeks in a foreign country, staycations are the next best thing. It’s much easier to book last-minute these days due to lower booking rates, so you can support the local tourism industry and give yourself a well-deserved breather by booking a quick staycay. Just be sure to read up on your chosen hotel’s guidelines!

3. Do that ONE THING you’ve been putting off for months.

Have you been meaning to take that handbag for repair? Has your back been calling out for a trip to the chiropractor? Or maybe your plants just need repotting at home. Whatever it is that you’ve been meaning to accomplish but for some reason have been putting off, the long weekend is your time to finally cross it off your list.

4. Allot a day just for pampering yourself.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be all about errands. You can choose one day and plan an all-day pamper session, beginning with a morning manicure, an afternoon botanical facial, and an evening massage. 

5. It’s also totally OK to do absolutely nothing.

Sometimes, making rest days count means actually resting. And if you’re happy to while away three whole days watching Netflix, forming a covalent bond with your couch, that’s fine, too! Whatever gets you recharged for the week ahead.

What will you be doing this long weekend, Belo Beauties? Tag us on Twitter @belobeauty and let us know!

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