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How to Pose for Photos, According to Camille Co

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 8, 2020

Ever had a bangin’ OOTD but never knew how to show it off properly? Models and influencers make posing for photos look easy, but for us regular folks it can still be a lil’ bit awkward at times. As a former fashion designer and a certified fashionista in her own right, Belo Baby Camille Co knows how to flaunt your threads in the best way possible. Here are some tried-and-tested posing tips that will always give you feed-worthy photos.

1. Mind your lines.

The most important tip you’ll need to remember is you always need to keep the line of your body in mind. As Camille shows in her posing video hacks, always make a gap and keep your front arm away from your body. Pressing it against your torso makes your arm bigger than it really is, so keep that in mind!

2. Show off your accessories.

If you want to bring focus to your accessories, like your jewellery or bag, the best way of doing so is with your hands. For example, bringing your hand close to your face will accentuate your ring or watch. Meanwhile, casually holding your bag or putting it in front of your body closer to the camera will draw the viewer’s eyes to it.

3. Elongate your legs.

According to Camille, the simple act of extending one foot forward is a fool-proof way of posing for a photo and a go-to of our fave fashion bloggers. It not only makes you look taller, especially when you’re sitting down, but it also draws the eye to your shoes. Another way is by crouching down in front of your mirror, but also keeping your outer leg extended in front.

4. Use your outfit!

For girly gals that love long and flowy dresses, perfecting that twirling shot may seem impossible IRL. Au contraire! Camille recommends ditching the full twirls and instead try swaying from side to side while letting the natural movement of your dress do its thing.

5. Nail the walking pose.

Another in-action pose you should know is the walking pose Another fave pose of fashion bloggers, especially when shooting in public, this is an easy way of looking effortless in your photos. First, place one foot forward and pop your hip in the same direction. Then, “swing” the opposite arm to mimic how you naturally walk. Voila, a ‘gram-worthy photo!

6. Frame your face.

Now if you do want to draw attention to your lovely face, there are several ways to do this and it all involves the strategic placement of your hands. Try faux fixing your hair and holding your hand next to your head or clasping your hands together and resting your chin on top of them. These are genius methods to show off your makeup or glowing bare skin in a photo, without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Now that you know these handy tricks, get to posing and posting those amazing photos. And remember, a bright and confident aura is the only accessory you’ll ever need. Snap away!

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