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How to Tell if Someone Got a Nose Job

By Ysabel Vitangcol on June 22, 2019

We all know of some girls who got a drastic—read: obviously got some work done—“glow up” that happened one summer. Breaking out of puberty is one thing that can change someone’s appearance, but have you ever wondered how to tell if someone got a nose job? Here are the signs to sniff it out, so that you can a subtle, “you, only better” look for yourself:

  • There’s a pinched nasal tip.
    • Most bad nose jobs happen because of the inexperience or the lack of expertise of the doctor, and it shows in their work. Some surgeons remove too much of the lower part of the nose, making it look like the nostrils or the tip of the nose are pinched together at all times—totally unnatural!
  • The nose bridge goes from non-existent to high.
    • Most Asians aren’t blessed with high nose bridges—it’s simply not in our genes. And for that, doctors usually perform augmentation, which is a type of nose surgery that is primarily all about building the bridge of a flat nose. For doctors who lack the artistry and intuition of creating subtle work, the high bridge would immediately start right in between the eyes–no one has that!
  • You see very small incisions in the creases of the nose.
    • While the surgical incisions are usually done in the creases of the nose, like around the nostril area, some doctors might not be able to hide the cuts as well as those who know how to create discreet work.

Heading out to Belo means no one will be able to tell that you got a nose job! Our doctors are experts in the field, assuring you that your glow up will be discreet but amazing. The GORE-TEX Implant is now being used in the Belo clinics for Rhinoplasty. What it does is that it repairs or enhances your facial contours, can be trimmed according to what you need, and it gives you permanent results. It’s been called as the best implant for nasal surgery!

If you’re ready to get rhinoplasty from the best in the business, click here to make a booking, or call 819-BELO (2356).

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