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ICYMI: Facebook Live with Korina Sanchez and Dr. Vicki Belo

By Ysabel Vitangcol on August 13, 2020

Last night, Dra. Vicki Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho caught up with Belo Thermage FLX and Belo Arm Liposuction endorser, Korina Sanchez, on Facebook Live. They definitely had a lot on their agenda, from learning how to care for your skin at home, to protecting yourself from online trolls. But by the end, a sweet surprise awaited a few of our lucky birthday giveaway participants! Missed the Live session? Here’s all you need to know.

1. Korina joined social media only four years ago.

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Yippeee, yahooo! Received my Silver Button from YouTube International for my swift target reach of 100,000 subscribers in my YouTube Channel Rated Korina. Palakpakaaaaan!👏👏👏👏👏👏 Actually got this since December last year but never had the time to open it! Our YT channel Rated Korina is now actually at more than 200,000 subscribers already and we are rearing to get to 500,000 and then a million! 💪👍 It is a triple celebration on our next episode of Rated Korina. I reached 2 Million followers on my Facebook Page Korina Sanchez Roxas and reached 1Million followers on my Instagram @korina💃🏻🥰💐💥🔥🍾🥂🍻🎉🥳 I share these milestones with you, guys! Click on the link in my bio to get to my Rated Korina episode on my social media milestones which I could have not done without YOUUUUUUUUU! Thanks for being with me on. Your journey towards my #BestLife💚 #Grateful

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“I was one of the latecomers in social media, because I’m very private,” Korina shared. She hopped on the social media bandwagon four years ago, around the time her husband Mar Roxas ran for the presidency. She had been taking classes at the Ateneo de Manila University as a graduate student (where, according to her, she was the oldest in her class) in 2016. There, she would protest against all forms of new technology, saying that news media would continue to stick to TV and newspapers. “And everybody said, ‘Korina, you’re being left behind by civilization!’ So true enough, I embraced it. Finally, I got into it.”

She was, however, very particular about the kind of content she would put out on social media. “I think we have to decide what we want to put out there, knowing that what we put out there is forever,” she explained. “It’s such a powerful tool that you cannot be irresponsible…I told myself, ‘My hashtag is going to be #BestLife.’ Because at my age…well, you know, whatever time I have left on this Earth, I’m gonna put out only the good stuff.” 

2. Korina has a dedicated digital team who mutes and blocks people who leave negative comments on her Instagram account.

Korina earned the moniker #ClapbackQueen in early May, when it was announced that Korina’s home network, ABS-CBN, would no longer receive a franchise renewal. She expressed her sadness and frustration about this on Instagram, and when the mean comments started rolling in, Korina surprised us all with her hilariously savage comments. (Her funniest one, by far, would have to be in response to IG user romelaigne, to whom Korina replied: “Please leave. Bruha ka.”) 

She responded to quite a few of these comments back then, but now, she’s asked her digital team to simply delete the negative comments instead. “My digital team, they are mandated to just delete, ignore, erase, block. I decided to make patol the trolls when they were attacking ABS-CBN. I’m not saying ABS-CBN is perfect. I know that for a fact. I’ve been with them since day one…but itong kompanya na ito ang gumawa ng paraan para magkaroon ng Korina Sanchez. And I just feel, for gratitude, as a family member, to defend them. But more than to defend ABS, I want to defend myself.” 

3. A lesser-known treatment that both Korina and Dr. Belo love? Belo Vita!

While not as popular as Thermage FLX or Ulthera Prime, you really shouldn’t sleep on Belo Vita! It’s an anti-aging treatment that infuses hyaluronic acid, glutathione, and other rejuvenating ingredients into the skin. Korina and Dr. Belo both love it! “I love Belo Vita because I just feel that its vitamin and hyaluronic acid infusion [is] deeper into the skin. So, alam ni Vicki ‘to, I put it on my kilikili, so my kilikili is smoother. I also put it on my knees,” Korina shared. She loves how she looks after the procedure! “After Belo Vita, give it three days, mukha akong diwata. Para talaga akong aparisyon! Ayan! Gustong-gusto ko ang Belo Vita na ‘yan.”

4. Korina struggles with some hair loss…so she turned to Belo HairTech MD.

If you follow Korina on IG, you’ll know that her favorite hairstyle is a tight ponytail. “I’m always looking at you. You love to wear your hair so back, and you tie it too tight,” Dr. Belo observed. “So you call this traction alopecia. When you pull back your hair and it’s tight, the hair gets broken in front. So that’s why people who have to have ponytails, you have to massage it paharap. Para hindi siya masyadong nababanat,” advised Dr. Belo.

So during quarantine, Korina started her Belo HairTech MD program. It’s a holistic three-month program designed to bring back hair volume and thickness, reduce hair fall, and fill up bald or thinning spots. “I’ve done it only twice. I know that I have to do it six times. But each week that I go there, hindi na ako nagfa-falling hair!” Korina gushed. “This is really an unspoken problem of so many women. Now, there is hope!”

You can begin your HairTech MD program at home by purchasing your hair rejuvenation kit here at the Belo Shop!

5. At the end of it all, our 8.8 Birthday Giveaway winners were announced!

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🎉 BIG GIVEAWAY ALERT! 🎉 We couldn’t let our 30th birthday go by without a treat! We’re giving away ANY treatment of choice for THREE lucky winners and two of their friends (total 9 winners), totally free! MECHANICS ⬇️ 1. FOLLOW @belobeauty. 2. TAG two (2) friends whom you want to experience your Belo pamper day with, and specify your chosen treatment in a HASHTAG. (EXAMPLE: “#BeloSkinReboot for me, [@Friend 1], and [@Friend 2]!” You may only choose ONE treatment for all three of you. 3. MAKE SURE that the friends you tagged are FOLLOWING @belobeauty, too! (We’ll check!) 4. You may post AS MANY COMMENTS AS YOU WANT and tag 2 different people each time! The more, the merrier! 5. Winner will be drawn via raffle and announced on Dr. @victoria_belo’s FB Live sesh with @korina on August 12 (8PM). 🎂 Good luck, and tag away! 🎂 #Belo88

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We promised last 8.8 that our nine Birthday Giveaway winners would be announced on this Facebook Live session. True enough, by the tail end of the program, nine (9) winners were drawn via electronic raffle! Visit our blog and look for our post with the list of winners to find out who they were. Congratulations to our lucky followers and their friends! To everyone else, don’t lose hope. Our next giveaway is coming much sooner than you think!

To see the full FB Live video, click here:


Want to see our other FB Live sessions? Head to our YouTube channel. And follow us on Instagram for updates on our next FB Live sesh. Have a Belo Beautiful week ahead!

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