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I’m Acne-Prone. Can I Have Glass Skin, Too?

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 16, 2020

“Glass Skin” is the newest trend popularized in Korea describing that dewy, delicate, and radiant complexion. While a select few may be blessed with this extraordinary gift, it would seem that most of us would need to move mountains to achieve anything comparable. For most acne-prone individuals in particular, this may be “just another blog” that gets you nowhere close to achieving that porcelain looking skin you see on television. Perhaps… if you stop reading here. If you do decide to continue though, I’ll need you to cast your doubts aside for now, because attaining your dream skin can be as direct as adopting a dedicated skin health routine with Belo. 

While following a skin health routine may sound simple and easy, many people fail on the onset, primarily because of the absence of a proper frame of mind. Luckily, there’s no need for you to find your way blindly in the dark. Managing your expectations and directing your efforts would be the first key step that a Belo doctor would lay down for you. In turn, your trust for both the doctor and the process is expected.

Secondly, always remember that consistency is key.  Most Belo acne treatments are meant to regulate skin oil, bacteria, dead skin cells and hormones. 

  • Monthly Glycopeel Cleaning sessions, for example, are directed towards the physical removal of pore plugs to manage acne and oil. 
  • Treatments like the Belo Acne Program tend to provide more holistic daily coverage that includes antibiotics against the p.acnes bacteria, tretinoin to facilitate shedding and minimize clogging, and salicylic acid for more focused oil control.
  • For more serious cases, the Spanish Peel treatment is done to encourage thick peeling of the skin through TCA, thus effectively drying out active acne and lightening marks at the same time.

The first two weeks are usually allotted to the “purging” period, where expected unwanted reactions may occur; the skin may feel dry, mildly irritated and may even break out. In the unfavorable event that it happens, it is of utmost importance to keep on going. Your daily regimen, being the foundation of any acne treatment program, must be done daily without fail in order to establish a proper cycle for the skin. Doing this inconsistently may just “confuse” the skin and make its adjustment erratic, causing more unwanted reactions. 

In the same way, it takes about a month for you to safely gauge if a regimen is working for you. At some point you may feel that the regimen is not working enough and is progressing slowly. Do not be discouraged. Patience will take you a long way. Give your skin enough time to adjust and “acclimatise” to the medications. If after this period your skin still doesn’t seem to be improving, remember to also seek guidance and ask for a follow-up with your doctor. Personalisation and refinement of your treatment plan is part of the process. So trust the process. 

Once the basics are in place, you’ll soon realize that clearing acne is very much related to attaining a glass skin finish. Your collective effort would have provided other long term benefits as well. The skin becomes smoother, and more radiant. Pores start to appear smaller and refined. The skin tone also starts to become more even. All these describe the clarity associated with the “glass skin.” By now other treatments become more relevant and available for your cause. A popular note-worthy treatment called the Glass Skin Facial by Belo locks in nutrients while physically exfoliating the already primed skin. An ultrasound head further pushes water magnets into the skin, giving it much-needed hydration. Maintaining an intensive treatment like this will definitely provide you an extra glow that lasts. This treatment can be done simultaneously with skin lightening treatments like the Belo Angel Whitening Laser that break excessive pigments in the skin, thus boosting the skin’s radiance.  

Lastly, remember to be kind to your skin. What you do has direct effects on your skin, so remember to sleep well, minimize stress, drink adequate amounts of water, and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

Still think that attaining “Glass Skin” is not possible? With good old science and the expertise of Belo, I bet not.

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