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8 Types of Facials: Which Belo Facial Treatment Is for You?

By Ysabel Vitangcol on June 7, 2023

We’re here to quash a misconception that persisted for years—that a Belo skin care experience is completely inaccessible to those on a budget. Monthly facials should be the bedrock of your skin maintenance routine: they remove dirt and debris, refresh the skin, and allow you to have your pimples popped by a professional aesthetician, which prevents the risk of scarring. Skincare newbies, let it be known: you can have the Belo Experience for as low as ₱2,100. Here’s the full rundown of the basic types of facials at Belo and their prices.

Belo Glycopeel Facial
Belo Glycopeel Facial

Types of Facials You Can Get at Belo

Facial for Oily Skin: Glycopeel Cleaning

Our most popular cleaning procedure for oily and acne-prone skin, this treatment uses different concentrations of natural fruit acids to unroof pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. The glycolic acid used exfoliates dead skin and eliminates acne-causing bacteria, too! For those with moderate to severe acne, one session a week for 1 month is usually recommended, after which the frequency can be reduced to one session every 2 weeks, and finally, one session a month for maintenance.

Price: ₱2,100 (0.2 concentration) or ₱2,900 (0.7 concentration) per session

Belo Botanicals Facial
Belo Botanicals Facial

Facial for Normal Skin: Botanicals Facial

This facial uses an all-natural exfoliating scrub to gently remove skin impurities and smoothen skin texture. It’s ideal for all skin types, and the 45-minute treatment can be done every 2 to 4 weeks to boost skin vitality.

Price: ₱ 3,500

Belo Honey Almond Cleaning
Belo Honey Almond Cleaning

Facial for Dry Skin: Honey Almond Cleaning

Treat yourself to this delightfully aromatic facial that gently exfoliates dead skin cells and revitalizes the skin, leaving behind a sumptuous and rejuvenated complexion. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Price: ₱2,100

ZO Facials
ZO Facials are now available at Belo

Pampering Facial (you deserve it!): ZO Facials

Combining the Belo expertise with science-backed formulations of ZO® Facial Treatment products, the newest addition, ZO Facials, offers targeted and effective solutions tailored to individual needs. With four different types to choose from, consulting with a Belo MD can help in choosing the best kind of facial (and ZO Products to use post-treatment) that will help address your specific skin concerns.

Price: ₱5,600

Contouring Facial
Contouring Facial

Slimming and Tightening Facial: Contouring Facial

This all-around facial combines acupressure, lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation into a regenerating therapeutic massage that tones facial muscles for that perfect V-shaped contour. It’s perfect for addressing skin laxity.

Price: ₱2,700

Micropeel Cleaning Facial

Facial for Dull Skin: Micropeel Cleaning

This 45-minute treatment mechanically scrapes off the dead and dull top layer of the skin, followed by an application of glycolic acid to allow fresh, healthy skin underneath to emerge…and reveal a glowing complexion.

Price: ₱3,000

Belo Retamax Cleaning
Belo Retamax Cleaning

Anti-Aging and Skin Renewal Facial: Retamax Cleaning

This intense facial makes use of retinol (a vitamin A derivative), which is known to stimulate the production of new skin cells, treat comedonal acne, and diminish dark sun spots, hyper pigmentation, and blemish scars.

Price: ₱2,100

Tornado Pore Cleansing Facial

Facial for low pain tolerance: Tornado Pore Cleansing Facial

Regarded as a “relaxing and quick” facial by one of our patients, this is run by DeuxClair®, a South Korean micro aqua jet cleansing and rejuvenation system that uses water and pressure to remove dirt & bacteria. It’s recommended for all skin types without cystic or active acne.

Price: ₱5,800 per session

Get the Top Tier Facial Treatment You Deserve

Facials let your skin look and feel its best. But as with any other skincare regimen, facials are most effective when done regularly and consistently. As the leading medical aesthetic clinic in the Philippines, Belo aims to give you the best, safest, and most effective services. To book your facial, call 8819-BELO, or click here.

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