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Just 7 Beautiful Makeup-Free Selfies From Your Fave Belo Babies

By Ysabel Vitangcol on July 30, 2020

Ever heard of the term “quarantine glowup”? Well, these Belo Babies have certainly achieved it. The quarantine period, while stressful, allows us to take a break from work commutes, putting on makeup, eating out often, and more. Forming healthy habits at home can allow us to flourish and be our best selves, despite the circumstances. Here are 7 Belo Babies who’ve been looking so good lately (and have the winning IG selfies to prove it):

1. Liza Soberano is sporting a new short ‘do—and is starting her own YouTube channel.

Liza made waves a couple weeks ago when she posted a series of selfies showing off her newly-cut hair, which garnered over a million likes on her Instagram account. Now, at the launch of her new series Life with Liza on YouTube, she’ll be scoring even more fans, who’ll get a peek into her life at home.

2. Julia Barretto is cozying up!

Throughout quarantine, Julia’s been living her solo life well: concocting healthy post-workout drinks, preparing luscious pasta dishes, baking cookies, and even doing virtual consultations with Dr. Vicki Belo via Zoom (click here to do it too). But in between, she’s taking it easy, ironically donning a hoodie with the words “I disappoint everyone with my poor decisions” emblazoned in cursive. We love her sense of humor.

3. Alex Gonzaga is launching her new lipstick collab collection (and bonding with fellow Belo Babies on YouTube).

Alex is keeping busy this quarantine, and looking great while she’s at it! She’s been promoting her new lipstick collab collection with a local beauty brand. The collab’s extended to her YouTube channel as well: she has been making hilarious vids with Belo Babies Ivana Alawi and Michelle Dy as well. We’re glad for the entertainment!

4. Gabbi Garcia’s workin’ it out.

Just like dalgona coffee and sushi bake, Chloe Ting workouts have been all the rage this quarantine—and Gabbi’s a fan! “Kung kaya niya, kaya ko rin!” has been her mantra as she follows along to Chloe’s HIIT videos on YouTube. Same, girl, same! May we all get the abs we truly deserve.

5. Bianca Umali is unapologetically embracing her natural beauty.

This photo of Bianca garnered tons of negative comments on social media, but Bianca never dignified the haters with a response. She went on with her life, and even posted a second Boomerang just to let them know she DGAF. Live ya life, Bianca!

6. Jess Wilson’s rocking workout clothes as a quarantine uniform (and TBH, it makes so much sense).

Quarantine is the perfect time to get back on track with your fitness goals, and Jess Wilson’s certainly on the right path! She’s been so dedicated to working out and eating right that she’s been wearing activewear on the reg. It’s a lowkey effective way to remind yourself to get moving, if you think about it! We’re taking notes.

7. Anne Curtis Smith-Heussaff is enjoying being a new mama.

Who looks this good a mere five months after giving birth?! Major props to Anne for looking amazing all throughout, and for being such a loving and doting mom to her daughter, Dahlia. Her IG feed is looking so peaceful and serene lately—it’s almost enough to give us baby fever.

Our Belo Babies are living their best lives, and so should you! A new food craze you wanna try? Order it. Looking at some loungewear for the perfect at-home selfie? Add to cart. Great skin for that IG story? Head to the Belo Shop. Let’s treasure these little pockets of joy we have while we have them…and document them well, so we can look back on them someday and think, “I made the most out of being stuck at home!”

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