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Korina Sanchez’ Arm Liposuction That Lasts For Years

By Ysabel Vitangcol on January 11, 2019

Being in the public eye for as long as Korina Sanchez has been, it’s no wonder that she needs to look her best at all times. Korina claims that ever since, she’s always been “rounded”, so to speak, no matter what workout or diet she did. She craved for toned, fit arms—but she was afraid of the invasiveness of liposuction. But after consulting with the doctors over at Belo, she was surprised to find that the procedure was painless—and well worth it. She says, “Many years ago, I decided to do body sculpting with liposuction. And it was totally painless, very easy. I woke up in a dream, because I had my dream arms as soon as I had the liposuction. Ever since, I’ve never had to do it again. And I noticed that when I work out now, you see the cuts, the muscles. I’m very happy about it.”

Achieving a positive body image

Korina pays much importance to her arms, and perhaps the public would think that it’s brought about by her years of being seen on TV only from the waist up. Korina reveals that it’s really because arms make a statement on how fit someone is. She explains, “I think when your arms are toned, it exudes strength, confidence, and health. It’s the arms that show how toned you are, because you can’t really show your midsection all the time, or your glutes, right?”

Even after proper exercise and a healthy diet, Korina felt that what she saw in the mirror could still be improved, that her body was something she was stuck with. “I think the image of yourself has a lot to do with the body image you want to have for yourself. And I think body sculpting through liposuction is the only answer when you can’t achieve what you want with exercise and diet. You don’t have to be stuck.”

After her body sculpting, Korina saw the best results after three months. She explains, “You’ll be a little sore at the beginning, and it takes a while for it to subside. When you’re healing, don’t feel upset, because it’s going to look good. You really just have to heal for a while, and you’ll get the best results.”

Once In a Lifetime

Nowadays, Korina maintains her body with the right diet and exercise, and she’s happy that she’s been able to keep the stunning results of her body sculpting, after so many years. “No pain, no gain. You have to work out for it still, and eat the right food, to maximize the potential of the liposuction. But with arm liposuction, it’s easier.”

A funny secret revealed: Korina’s husband, politician Mar Roxas, doesn’t know that she went in for her procedures a decade ago. “Oh my God, he doesn’t know! Well, my husband is all for whatever makes you confident and makes you happy. And if it’s available, why not?”

Korina has no regrets over her one-time procedure. If anything, she’s very proud of undergoing it and happy that she had the expertise of the doctors of Belo to do it, just the way she wanted. “The thing about body sculpting is it gives you a lot of options, it’s like you can be whoever you want to be—you’re not limited by your insecurities. The doctors, when you go to Belo, they know exactly what to do. It’s not like they’re going to make you look like skin and bones, like you’re not going to be proportionate. They look at your body type, proportion, height, and everything else. They did it perfectly with me, and I’m very proud to exhibit it today, even though it was a lifetime ago, just to show people that you only need to do it once, and it lasts you forever. Any body type is beautiful—if you want yourself rounded, then go rounded. But if you want yourself sculpted, with cuts in your arms, and you can’t achieve it with diet and exercise, there is this option for you.”

To learn more about the Belo Arm Liposuction procedure, and how it can help you achieve your body goals, click here to schedule.

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