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Mayor Isko Moreno Loves Thermage FLX

By Ysabel Vitangcol on January 9, 2020

Isko Moreno is a story many people will tell again and again. The current mayor of Manila has dedicated his life to public service since 1998, after a career in show business. His landslide victory over seasoned politicians has symbolized a fresh start for the country’s capital. 

Moreno talks about Manila with a certain love only a true resident of the place can. His dream is to make the capital city shine. “If there is one good thing about Manila, it’s about its character,” he says. “We are the window of the country, so our dream is to really make it the real capital. Not only by law, but it’s a show window of opportunity, cleanliness, orderliness, a city of hope. A vibrant city rich in history and culture.” 

It’s a tall order and he’s constantly in the news for the big moves he makes to make Manila the city he sees. It’s no surprise that he needs to be reminded to take care of himself. This is where Moreno finds a great match with Dr. Vicki Belo and the Belo Medical Group. 

“Well, if there’s one common thing about with me and Dr. Belo, it’s that we wanted to fulfill our promise. When we say something, results should be seen. I, for one, always wanted to have results, whether immediate or in the long-term. The same thing with Belo.” 

Mayor Isko sees how Dr. Vicki’s dream of making the Philippines the most beautiful country one face at a time is just like his mission. “Making yourself beautiful doesn’t happen overnight, especially kung napabayaan mo ang sarili mo. But it will never be too late with Dr. Belo. She can catch up with time. And she can deliver. And the other thing is, through experience, through time and focus in our respective fields.” 

He also gives credit to Dr. Vicki’s experience “I think ako, more than two decades doing public service. Same thing with Dr. Vicki: 30 years, my God, in practice. So that is one value about going to Belo. There may be the same technologies available [elsewhere], but the experience is not for everybody.” 

As a public figure, he puts value in taking care of your looks. But it’s not just on the surface level. Just like with the face lift he’s giving Manila, self-care at Belo Medical Group is about valuing yourself inside and out. 

Moreno shares, “Looks are your representation to society. You have to take care of your looks, especially if you’re striving or you’re enjoying success in life. Sometimes you have to pay back to yourself.”

He may be young for his chosen field, but aging is slowly becoming a concern for Moreno. In his 40s, he reflects “ As you age, like middle age, lines will be present on your face. Sagging is one of those. You really have to take care of yourself and you need to do some effort physically. If there’s a chance that technology or science can help you achieve that, like, you know, with Belo, why not?” 

Hence, he tried Belo Thermage FLX. After consulting with Dr. Vicki, Moreno learned about the treatment. He talks about the experience candidly, “ And, of course, kahit na first time ko, I have to trust Dr. Belo. She’s a known doctor taking care of making a person beautiful. So I did, and it’s a good experience. You’ll feel good about yourself. You’ll feel good about taking care of yourself after the treatment. And a few days thereafter, mararamdaman mo na. Parang nawala ‘yung laylayAwa naman ng Diyos, I’m happy with the Thermage FLX. Especially ‘cause of Dr. Belo.”

Moreno likes how the treatment is virtually painless as well. Though he did have some hesitation because it was his first time to do it, Thermage FLX proved to have nothing you need to worry about. “Meron lang parang kurye-kuryente. Kinakagat ka ng langgam. Pero, ano naman eh, mababait naman eh, ‘yung staff and doctors of Belo Medical. They ask you something, ‘How do you feel about the treatment?’ Tapos anong tolerance, then ina-adjust naman. So for me, a first-timer, very accommodating yung naging treatment sa akin.”

As for the results, Moreno is a fair judge, being a man who’s expected to deliver more than just promises. Thermage FLX is something he approves. Bumata daw ako. (laughs) Naging firm. ‘Yan, that I agree. Yung sagging, medyo talagang nawala. So, maganda. Maraming nakakapansin.”  

So trust that on the times Mayor Isko needs time for himself, he’ll most likely be at a Belo clinic. He loves how the technology, experience, and customer service all comes together for a world-class experience. “Now you’re going to trust science and medicine. And you’re going to trust it with an experienced person. Dedicated, with integrity as a company. So I’m happy with Belo Medical Group, and I’m happy with Dr. Vicki Belo.”

Want to have the Yorme-approved Belo Thermage FLX treatment? Know more about it and other Belo Medical treatments by booking your appointment now. Call 8819-BELO (2356) or click here!

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