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Sarah Geronimo’s Favorite Belo Treatments

By Ysabel Vitangcol on March 3, 2020

It’s hard to believe that Sarah Geronimo has been in the industry for 18 years. Why? Part of it is how her songs remain relevant hits and capture the youth’s sentiments all the time. Another part of it is how she always looks so young and fresh. 

Think about it. When we first met Sarah, she was but a teenager with a stellar voice. Now, she’s a married woman. Time surely flies when you also take into account the many concerts, collaborations, films, and features she’s done. 

One can’t help ask: What’s Sarah’s secret? Life as a phenomenal singer can get hectic and stressful. By this time, we should see traces of Sarah’s hard work on her face. But there’s basically nothing except for that promising glow. 

Not to brag, but that’s because Sarah’s truly a #BeloBaby. Our philosophy on beauty isn’t limited to instant results. It’s all about preventing what age and stress brings. It’s about listening to what your skin needs and not just about trends. 

For Sarah, there are three favorite treatments she relies on. Here, we go over them and what they can do. 

#1 Belo Clear + Brilliant Laser 

As advised by our experts, Sarah goes for this non-invasive treatment as it combats the signs of aging. Wrinkles won’t dare come with this treatment as it increases the skin’s elasticity. Plus you get the benefit of improved tone and texture. 

This is best for photodamage as well. Don’t forget that aside from sunlight, the skin reacts adversely to extreme and prolonged studio lighting–something Sarah is often exposed to. 

The procedure is perfect for those with busy schedules as it has no downtime. 

#2 Skin Reboot

Sarah says of Skin Reboot “What it does is to keep my skin firm kahit na maraming schedule!” 

No surprises as to why Sarah liked this immediately. Skin Reboot is a miracle worker as it combines radiofrequency and micro-current technology for skin tightening. 

It can be used for both the face and the body so sagging won’t be an issue for you. Advisable for those in their 20s and 30s, you’ll love the treatment which uses dual-energy, vitamin- and stem cell-enriched creams and emulsions that reach the skin’s cells.

You also get to stimulate collagen and elastin formation for that improved skin tone, no fine lines, and a more contoured look.

#3 Thermage FLX 

The newly-minted Mrs. Gudicelli is one who will easily testify for the benefits of Thermage. On Instagram, Sarah shares “Looking my best all the time, with or without makeup, is very important to an artist like me. And when it comes to beauty treatment choice ko, gusto ko syempre yung sigurado at subok na. Kaya nga I can only trust Dr. Belo and @belobeauty. And I love #BeloThermage too! Isang treatment lang, good na for one year. No pain and no downtime pa. I love how it can make my face look slimmer and contoured. It keeps my collagen healthy pa kaya naman feeling ko my skin looks fresh lagi. I believe prevention is better than cure so #BeloThermage is my yearly skin ritual na.” 

Thermage is one of  Belo Medical Group’s most awarded procedure. It gives you a mini-facelift sans downtime or going under the knife. 

What does it do? It uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to stimulate collagen production. Once new collagen is formed, you get tighter skin, smoother complexion, and your natural contours come out more.  

Ready to be treated like Sarah Geronimo with Belo Medical Group treatments? It will surely be a hit! Just call 8819-BELO (2356) or click here to book your appointment at a Belo Medical Group Clinic near you!

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