Zoom Lift: Face Slimming Treatment Philippines

Zoom Lift™

Belo Zoom Lift™ is a supercharged energy-based treatment system that efficiently targets both skin laxity and skin quality in a single session. This procedure synergistically combines three powerful face slimming treatments that each enhance the effects of one another, providing results that would not have been achieved had they been done on their own. We call it the Zoom Lift™ because of its quick (“zoom”) results, its ability to make your skin look good even when “zoomed in,” and how it improves your overall facial structure on camera—i.e., on a Zoom call.

First, Thermage FLX or Sofwave (depending on your doctor’s recommendation) is a skin tightening treatment done for enhanced rejuvenation. This creates ‘therapeutic injuries’ on the skin, providing a tightening and lifting effect.

Second, Belo Exosomes (ASCE+ Derma Signal complexes) is applied with a microneedling pen and massaged into the skin. They act as messengers that provide lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids, as well as stem cell-like tissue-regenerating capabilities to skin cells. The injuries created in step one make it easier for Belo Spheres to absorb into the skin, enhance its ability to recover and regenerate, and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Third, Embedded Protein Threads (EPT) enhance the facial lifting effect of Thermage FLX and Sofwave in areas that require more support, such as the nasolabial fold (laugh lines) or jawline.

At a Glance

MACHINE: Thermage FLX / Sofwave

TREATMENT TIME: 1-1 ½ hours

BEST FOR: Moderate to severe skin laxity; skin quality issues like redness, enlarged pores, and uneven texture

PRICE: Starts at ₱120,000 per session

Prices may change without prior notice.

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