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Small Laude Is Ready for Her Close-Up with Belo Zoom Lift!

In this age of TikTok fame and overnight YouTube sensations, it takes more than just virality to make a name for yourself online. For an increasingly discerning audience, a carefully-curated personality will no longer do—people will see right through the pretense. Luckily, Small Laude makes quick work of showing her 940K-strong YouTube following the real side of her glamorous life. Her natural candor and ability to see the humor in every situation makes her the ideal muse for the Belo Zoom Lift™, a treatment that allows you to look your best—both on-cam and in real life.

The Belo Zoom Lift™ is a supercharged energy-based treatment system that efficiently targets both skin laxity and skin quality in a single session. It synergistically combines three powerful treatments that each enhance the effects of one another, providing results that would not have been achieved had they been done on their own: First, Sofwave (depending on your doctor’s recommendation) is done for enhanced skin tightening and lifting. Second, a Belo-exclusive skin rejuvenating solution called Belo Exosomes is applied via microneedling. Think of Belo Spheres as highly efficient messenger cells that train dull, worn-out skin cells to regenerate and become the best versions of themselves once again. It’s a quick and efficient top-up procedure that enhances the effects of the first step. Third, Embedded Protein Threads (EPT) are inserted one by one, and these aid in the lifting effect of Sofwave. The result of combining all three steps? A noticeable overall age-reversing effect. 

Small’s program consisted of the following: the next-generation ultrasound technology of Softwave for skin tightening, lifting, and wrinkle reduction. Sofwave uses a unique, Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam SUPERB™ technology that generates heat at this exact depth in the mid-dermis, with results that get better over time and can last for up to a year. This was combined with Belo Spheres, plus Embedded Protein Threads (EPT) which act as physical scaffolding for particular areas that require more support (e.g. nasolabial folds/laugh lines, jawline). After her Belo Zoom Lift, Small was asked if she was happy with the results, and she excitedly replied with her signature line, “Of course!

The Belo Zoom Lift™ is recommended for those in their late 30s to 50s. They may have already tried similar procedures before, but not all at once. This treatment is ideal for patients with moderate to severe skin laxity, plus skin quality issues like redness, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture. Belo Zoom Lift™ gives you dramatic and instant results that last 1-2 years. 

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