Upgrade Skin Tightening with Thermage FLX at Belo

Skin-Tightening Gets An Upgrade With Thermage FLX

By Ysabel Vitangcol on May 4, 2020

For years, Thermage has been heralded the “lunchtime facelift” because you can make a quick trip to the doctor, get the treatment and then slink back to your desk with your co-workers being none the wiser for it—unless they peer really, really close and notice that the skin around your jaw seems tighter, your eyes look more awake, and that you look as if you swallowed one of those ring lights people use to diffuse their flaws when they take a selfie.


Longtime Belo Baby (and new mom!) Anne Curtis-Smith has been a fan of Thermage FLX ever since it joined our treatment roster in early 2019. After all, it’s the perfect nonsurgical solution to loose skin that needs a little lift. As its newest ambassador, Anne loves how it gives her face and body a discreet, but ultimately effective, tune-up. The selfie above was taken by Anne just last month…and it’s obvious from her slim face that she’s still enjoying the effects of her Thermage FLX session in 2019!

Like its predecessor, Thermage FLX uses radiofrequency to heat the skin from the inside out. This heating process shrinks collagen and signals it to exit the body, resulting in an immediate tightening effect of the skin. This new machine, however, delivers energy more quickly and even deeper into the skin tissue, which means you get the tightening effect straightaway and in about 25 percent less time—what usually takes an hour can now be done in 45 minutes. This improvement is made possible by increasing the size of the tips that are used to treat the patient, which are now 33 percent larger, enabling a more extensive surface area to be targeted.


“The experience is so much better than the old Thermage,” says Dr. Vicki Belo herself after trying out Thermage FLX. “It really helps with defining the jawline and lifting the skin on the forehead. My eyes look more open. I look more fresh.”

After a Thermage FLX treatment, the texture, clarity and firmness of your skin will only continue to improve over the subsequent months. Optimal results are seen within one to three months, and you won’t need to get another treatment for 18-24 months. But while our clinics remain closed, feel free to speak with one of our doctors via Belo Live Consultations to discuss your options. Alternately, you may browse The Belo Shop for products that firm and lift — might we suggest the ZO® Firming Kit or the ZO® Firming Serum? These powerful formulas are sure to keep your skin in tiptop shape until the end of the quarantine period…and beyond.

Find your next skin-tightening wonder at The Belo Shop. To see if Thermage FLX is right for you, book a Belo Live Consultation with one of our expert doctors by sending an email to info@belomed.com.

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