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Stay Protected in Style with Belo Genius Gear

By Ysabel Vitangcol on August 25, 2020

In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, we didn’t know that masks, face shields, and personal protective equipment (PPE) would become a permanent part of our OOTD. But right now, you can’t leave the house without making sure you’re COVID-proof. When MECQ rolled around in May, we outfitted our clinic staff with customized and functional Belo Genius Gear—a zipped hooded jacket and pants made of durable diamond ripstop—to protect both wearer and patient as we resumed normal operations. 

But as GCQ marches on, Dr. Vicki Belo didn’t want you to have to step out of your homes feeling frumpy in PPE. That’s why we’ve made our Belo Genius Gear available to everyone for purchase at The Belo Shop! Now, everyone can look as good as our doctors and staff do when they report for work. But what makes our gear different from the hundreds of options you’ve probably seen out there?

1. It has a special loop so you can attach portable hand sanitizers.

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To prevent the spread of COVID, it’s imperative that we sanitize regularly. And when we need a quick cleanup in the middle of our activities, it’s more convenient to have sanitizer on-hand (instead of having to fish it out of a bag, potentially contaminating your personal items). Our Genius Gear comes with a handy loop where you can attach a mini-bottle of sanitizer. Or maybe even your keys—anything you need to grab quick without having to touch anything else!

2. The pockets on the sleeves and pant legs are removable, so you can wash them more thoroughly. 

See that pocket on Dr. Belo’s upper sleeve? It’s attached with Velcro, so you can peel it off and wash it separately! “People have their phone, ballpen, and they can’t carry anything around the clinic, so it’s better to have pockets,” said Dr. Vicki Belo. And because high-touch items like your phone can collect lots of germs, it’s important to be able to reverse the pockets you store them in, just to be completely clean.

3. It’s water-repellent, lightweight, and washable.

We chose diamond ripstop because it’s an extremely durable fabric. Because it’s sewn together in a crosshatch pattern, they’re resistant to tearing and ripping (hence the name “ripstop”!). Despite this, it’s a lightweight and breathable fabric that allows for comfort. Genius Gear will last you a long time…and it’ll look good the whole time!

4. They can hold their own next to actual streetwear.

We’re going to let the pictures do the talking here.

That’s Ruru Madrid and Bianca Umali, looking super-fly in the hall of our BGC flagship clinic.

There’s one of our BGC doctors, Dr. Denise Bries, standing next to Kim Chiu and looking every bit as good.

And finally, there’s Dr. Guada Santos-Capiz with Vice Ganda and Ion Perez at our Greenhills branch.

Definitely street style-worthy, right?

5. You can totally move around in them!

And if you thought Genius Gear would limit your mobility in any way, allow this TikTok by our Alabang staff to prove you wrong! We did design these for our staff originally after all, and they needed to go about their daily tasks without difficulty. So feel free to do errands, pick up your groceries, and even recreate TikToks in your Genius Gear.

Ready to look good for the next time you step out? Click here to order your Belo Genius Gear…and don’t forget to tag us @belobeauty in your outfit photos!

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