4 Belo Treatments You Can Pair With ASCE+ Exosomes

4 Belo Treatments You Can Pair With ASCE+ Exosomes

By Ysabel Vitangcol on August 31, 2023

Since its launch last January, Belo Exosomes has become one of our highly booked treatments! Its ability to influence skin cells to regenerate, rejuvenate and improve is what makes it a favourite! It’s also a perfect add-on to other Belo treatments. Find out more!

Belo ASCE+ Exosomes + Thermage FLX 900

Popularly known as Zoom Lift,* Thermage FLX uses radio frequency to tighten and lift the face. Belo ASCE+ Exosomes will be perfect to help add the rejuvenating benefits to your skin. It also helps trigger fibroblasts, which help secrete collagen for more youthful skin!

*minus the Embedded Protein Threads

Belo ASCE+ Exosomes + ADVALight

Belo ADVALight helps heal your scars and hyperpigmentation as well as removing bacteria that causes acne. It is also the world’s first and only solid-state laser. Exosomes comes to the rescue, too. It will help speed up your healing as it includes peptides that work as anti-inflammatories to help with wound healing! Combining these also include faster and better results for hyperpigmentation and acne, just check out the results here!

Belo ASCE+ Exosomes + Virtue RF

Virtue RF is best for those who have concerns with skin laxity, skin texture and fine lines. It also uses radio frequency to help stimulate collagen. Belo ASCE+ Exosomes also helps improve skin healing and regeneration by facilitating immune cells.

Belo ASCE+ Exosomes + Sofwave

Did you know that you can pair Zoom Lift with either Sofwave or Exosomes? This pairing is good for addressing both skin quality and laxity. Massaging the ASCE+ Exosomes treatment into the skin, doing so enhancse its ability to regenerate and recover, providing lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids.

Your doctor may recommend ASCE+ Exosomes as a versatile treatment that can be paired with other services! Book a consultation today by clicking here.

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