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5 Things That Girls Always Notice First About Guys

By admin on August 15, 2019

Biology throughout the years has refined instincts within us to help us with different aspects of life. This includes how we choose a partner. 

There are hormones at work when we fall in love. Certain reactions within us are triggered unconsciously by signals we’ve come to associate with wellness and advancement. 

Sometimes, guys, it’s not that she (or he) doesn’t like you. Sometimes, it’s just their genetic instincts talking. 

This doesn’t mean doom. As a species, we are defined by our freedom to choose. We may be faced with hardwired ideas but that doesn’t mean we can’t use them to our advantage. 

Think about how the color pink is deemed attractive in the makeup world. This is because the early woman looked out for pink and reddish tones to denote life: the ripeness of tomatoes, the tenderness of a baby’s cheek, the blood of fresh meat. 

So women also use the color pink on themselves to denote the fullness of life within them and to attract a mate. 

Men can do the exact same thing. You can enhance certain qualities you have knowing that they send automatic signals to your prospect. 

#1 Be a scent-sation

Women prefer the natural odor of men. Not the stinky kind after going about a big city, of course!

Just the one which you have sans the toxins. It then pays to stay healthy. Keeping a proper diet enhances your natural odors as you’re not interfering with your body’s chemistry. It gives the woman a hint about your genes, letting them know if you’re the right match for reproduction. 

If you must choose a perfume, find one which complements your natural odor, rather than masking you in a cloud of fragrance. 

#2 Look sharp 

Strong facial features have long been scientifically proven to be attractive to women. It shows his superior qualities over other men. It also denotes how it can complement finer, female features. 

These facial attributes include a strong jawline. Such a characteristic gives the woman the impression of a high level of testosterone. 

A bit chubby in the cheek and jawline? There’s Ulthera to help you out! 

#3 Create your best self

Having broad shoulders, a flat tummy, and strong arms aren’t just about how much you go to the gym. Nor is it about if you can be a cover on a men’s magazine.

 For women, it’s all about symmetry. 

Achieving this kind of physique clues in the women of your physical dominance and good genes. Symmetry isn’t about being a hunkiest of hunks, however. 

What does this mean? You don’t have to go overboard and have chiseled abs. Find the symmetry that best suits your specific physical attributes and work towards that. 

#4 Good character counts, so manifest it physically

Physical attraction is also associated with your accountability as a person. 

In a psychological study, women equated generosity with sexual appeal, regardless of how a man looked like. 

So keep tabs on the little physical and tangible acts that you do that prove you’re not selfish!

#5  Watch your step!

It would be simplistic to say that women are attracted to men with good, clean shoes. 

What women are really looking for are indicators of your psychological well-being. Biologically, women are quite peckish when choosing a mate compared to their male counterparts. 

Women are looking for reliability and stability in a man’s character. Culturally, this is underlined by dressing well and having good taste in shoes. 

This doesn’t mean you have to be flashy. You need just to stick to the basics. Purchase pairs that can survive wear-and-tear. Throw out the ones which have seen better days. 

Wondering which procedures can help you be more attractive? Do you want to improve on some features you’re proud of? A Belo appointment is all you need. Click here to book it or call 819-BELO (2356).

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