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7 People You Should Follow on TikTok Right Now

By Ysabel Vitangcol on January 4, 2021

Okay, so over the quarantine period, TikTok snuck up on ALL OF US and became the most downloaded app worldwide, surpassing the likes of Facebook. According to Hepmil Media cofounder Karl Mak, “the best time to get on TikTok was yesterday.” So we’ll wait here while you download the app, if you haven’t yet. 

Do you have it now? Great! Get ready to lose A LOT of sleep.

Anyway, here are 7 people to get you started on your TikTok journey:

  1. Daisey Gorgeous

yall 😭🤚🏻 ##shouldbeme

♬ Designer Girl – Benson

This Malaysian national re-enacts suspiciously specific scenes from our very own lives, like “me trying not to look awkward as the waiters sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me” or “coming out after 2 days of dieting feeling like I’ve ~lost~ weight and I’m a completely different person.” You’ll be CACKLING at the accuracy with which he reenacts your most ~pretentious~ moments. It’s all for laughs, though—don’t take it too seriously!

  1. Macoy Averilla, AKA MacoyDubs

Cassandra is all grown up now! TITA DE MANILA

♬ original sound – Macoy Dubs

This is a list for first-timers, you see, but ask any TikTok veteran and they’ll tell you they know Macoy Dubs. In the early days of quarantine, he entertained us all with his uncanny portrayals of drugstore cashiers, call center agents, government employees, and more. More importantly, everyone’s familiar with his alter ego Tita Julie—he absolutely nails the impression of a Catholic school-taught tita with money to burn and raunchy jokes to boot. It’s spot-on!

  1. Maris Racal

wala eh. wala talagang makapitan eh. 🙁

♬ 34+35 – indychloe

From fun lipsync videos to high-effort, multiple-costume numbers, Maris Racal is having the time of her life on the platform. Watch the video above, where she attempts to dance to Ariana Grande’s song “34+35”…before she realizes she’s missing a very crucial element!

  1. Inka Magnaye

Meet my brother, Renzo! Yes, he talks in this video this time! ♥️ ##fyp ##family ##voiceartist hi @beesaysbuzz ♥️

♬ Nen ten dawgs – Meepmurp

If you’ve ever been on a Philippine Airlines flight, then you’ve heard the immaculate voice of Inka Magnaye. This siren is one of the most popular creators on Philippine TikTok, with 1.4 million followers to date. She’s also at the helm of her very own ASMR/sleep podcast, Sleeping Pill with Inka. You’ll often hear her family—all of whom are voiceover artists themselves—in her videos, too! What’s it like to sit at their table for dinner, we wonder?

  1. Rodrick the Millennial

Probably my most specific and very real anxiety to date 🤠 ##work ##millennial ##office ##corporate ##workfromhome

♬ Originalton – Hi

What’s it like to be a millennial? And we’re talking about actual millennials, not the ones that were born so late in the 90s, they’re practically Gen Z. Rodrick perfectly captures what it’s like to be a millennial in the corporate world, working from home. And the extremely accurate situations he finds himself in will have you dying of laughter.

  1. Jason Derulo

Do u do this?!?? Or is it just me 🤷🏾‍♂️@skylar_derulo

♬ ICE (feat. MORGENSHTERN) – Morgenshtern

Jason Derulo?!” you ask in exasperation. And yes, we’re as surprised as you are. The “Whatcha Say” and “Ridin’ Solo” singer has really gotten a career second wind out of TikTok, even creating a massively popular hit based on a TikTok beat. It’s called “Savage Love,” and we’re 99% sure you’ve heard it before. But he makes some pretty funny snippets, too! It’s good to see an unproblematic artist just ~vibing~.

  1. Dr. Vicki Belo

Busting the most common beauty myths I’ve heard ✨ Which ones did you used to believe? ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##belobeauty ##yupnope ##trending

♬ original sound – Gabbiedaddy🤠🤠

Our CEO and Medical Director is on TikTok! Aside from dispensing skincare advice like in the video above, she also loves to get her dance on (as shown in her fantastic rendition of the ‘Rain on Me’ dance challenge). You’ll love seeing Dr. Belo just living her best life. Bonus: Fans of Scarlet Snow will really enjoy her content, as she makes appearances often!

Enjoy TikTok, and don’t forget to take breaks!

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