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Angel Whitening vs. Revlite: What’s the Difference?

By Ysabel Vitangcol on July 15, 2020

After many hours spent binge-watching laser treatments on our Instagram, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and try a laser brightening treatment. The problem is, two treatments have caught your attention: Angel Whitening looks promising, but Revlite seems just as effective. On which treatment should you take the splurge? Let’s break it down for you.

Choosing based on body part

People usually choose to enlist the help of laser treatments for notoriously dark areas like the underarms and groin. But if dark undereyes are your concern, then Angel Whitening is the better option. Why? This machine (real name “Fotona Starwalker”) has a “panda eye” mode, which is specially designed to target the darkness under your eyes. editor Marj Ramos tried the treatment in 2017 for her undereye circles–read about her experience here.

What about for bumps and chicken skin? Revlite to the rescue. Jennylyn Mercado credits this laser for keeping her legs smooth and even-toned. “Thank you, Dra. Vicki Belo, for my silky-smooth legs! Yes! Revlite!” she happily exclaims in a video from March 2019.

Choosing based on pain tolerance

Laser treatments come with a bit of discomfort, depending on your level of pain tolerance, the amount of blood vessels you have in the area, your caffeine intake, and more. But generally, both Angel Whitening and Revlite are very tolerable. Don’t take it from us, though—here’s Marj Ramos’ take on her Angel Whitening experience:

“When we started, I couldn’t really distinguish which part was which, because things happened really fast—we were done in just about 10 to 15 minutes! My eyes were closed the entire time, and at some points they were covered by what felt like a spoon to shield them from the laser…although the crackling sound did bother me a bit, there was no pain involved. There were some instances that I felt a slight burning sensation, and Dr. Nikki explained it was because the laser was passing through an area with hair. Overall, it was nothing that a girl like me with low tolerance to pain couldn’t handle.”

And here’s Verniece Enciso talking about her own experience:

“It’s not really painful, but it feels like little hot zaps on your skin. You can request for Emla [topical anesthesia] for your first one (though you have to go 45 minutes before your procedure), but personally I suggest that you try without so you will know if you need anesthesia on the next one. I have high tolerance for laser pain, but I can assure you that it’s bearable. It’s uncomfortable, but not painful.”

Revlite feels almost the same, like little rubber bands snapping on your skin, and a sensation of warmth. Nothing so bad that it’s unbearable!

Choosing based on number of sessions

As we budget our beauty plan, one thing to ask is how many sessions it’s going to take before we achieve the desired results. But both Angel Whitening and Revlite require at least 4 or more sessions to truly lighten or smooth the skin. Of course, you’ll see immediate results after one session, but consistency is key so that those dark spots never return!

Here’s Liza Soberano coming in for her second session of Angel Whitening on her legs:

Another Angel Whitening loyalist? Kim Chiu, who comes to our Morato and BGC branches for regular sessions:

To find out how many sessions you’ll need, you can call 8819-BELO to book a physical consultation. Staying at home? You can book a virtual consultation via the Belo Shop instead. 

No matter which laser treatment you end up booking, trust that our expert doctors will determine which one is best for you. (They might even recommend another treatment entirely!) Either way, we’ll get you closer to your skin goals—it all starts with a consultation!

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