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Do You Know the Ideal Skin Whitening Treatment For You?

By admin on October 16, 2019

The current beauty industry is on an ongoing rise. We have access to a lot of treatments, procedures, and products that can help us achieve our best look. Take for example how we are always a few minutes away from the best skin whitening treatments with Belo Medical Group. 

Given our expertise, we found there are three common reasons people seek skin whitening: to lighten dark patches of skin, to have an overall lighter complexion, and to lighten dark elbows, underarms, knees. 

The causes of darkening and the reasons one goes for a skin whitening treatment are as varied as personalities in the world. Good thing Belo Medical Group is equipped with an army of treatments and procedures, whether it’s for targeted whitening or to improve your complexion from years of damage. 

The glory of these choices means you can definitely receive just the one (or two) which will help you love your skin again. 

The Best Skin Whitening Treatments For You

Do you want a fairer, firmer, and flawless look with no downtime? 

  • Lumina Whitening System 
    • It’s a mix of Belo’s best whitening body treatments and most sought-after injectable whitening agents, complemented with orally-taken capsules and topical products to further help in the lightening process. See results in a month’s time!

Do you need deep exfoliation to revitalize your skin and restore its natural whiteness? 

  • Body Scrub with Bleach
    • This treatment begins with a sea salt and sugar scrub along with essential oils to clear dead skin. Next, the active ingredients of the natural bleaching agent—made from grape seed extract, AHA, and licorice—are applied. All you need is 45 minutes for this treatment.

Do you want something that is targeted for your face, underarms, elbows, and knees? 

  • Jet Peel
    • Using pressurized oxygen, a salt and water solution—infused with vitamins and supplements—exfoliates the skin. This allows for you skin to absorb the nutrients it.

Do you want deep exfoliation and instant brightening effect? 

  • Wet and Dry Dermabrasion
    • This combination of exfoliation and infused serums make for an even, flawless complexion. It makes the skin smooth, supple, and radiant via lifting away dull, dead skin. After, a  bleaching cream is applied to get that brighter and whiter skin. A treatment that can be done weekly, you can use this hour and a half session as your me-time! 

Do you want to tackle your skin whitening from deep within?

  • The Cinderella Drip
    • This IV treatment doesn’t just give you the skin benefits of Ascorbic Acid and Glutathione supported with Alpha Lipoic Acid, it is also good for your overall health. Antioxidants help fight the signs of aging, lighten and even out skin tone, and boost skin clarity. It can also help eliminate toxins and heavy metals. You can get this on top of other treatments. 

Do you want something that has quick results for eyes, spider veins, and facial redness? 

  • Angel Whitening Laser
    • A revolutionary whitening treatment, this is good for specific areas with high levels of melanin. You’ll only feel warm snaps on your skin as the treatment is expertly done on your skin. 

Do you want something that’s for pigmented lesions? 

  • The Revlite laser 
    • This quick, safe, and effective skin smoothing and lightening treatment harness the power of laser pulses. They break down pigmented lesions into smaller particles without damaging the surrounding normal tissue. You get rejuvenated, brighter, lighter, silky-smooth skin via multiple sessions, spaced 2 weeks apart. Plus there is no downtime!

What’s the treatment that feels right for your skin whitening needs? Let a Belo Skin Expert help you further. Call 8819-BELO (2356) or click here to book an appointment now.

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