Belo 360° Liposuction: Confidence from Every Angle


Confidence from Every Angle with Belo 360 Liposuction

It’s time to shake up what it means to be confident. While most people think that achieving confidence is the result of inner work, confidence can also mean transforming yourself from the outside, aided by an expert team of pros that can shape how you look and feel from every angle.

Belo Medical Group has been in the business of cultivating confidence for almost 33 years, and despite its exciting roster of services that seem to get more extensive by the year, perhaps there’s no treatment that nails the confidence objective more thoroughly than their signature 360° Liposuction. Liposuction is one of the treatments that made Belo a trusted name in cosmetic surgery in the Philippines, a service that put the country on the map as a go-to location for high quality, topnotch and world-class cosmetics for Filipinos, the region and the globe.

But this time, don’t hear it from Belo—hear it from the tried and true testimonials of 360° Liposuction clients Dani Barretto, Alodia Gosiengfiao and Max Collins.

Dani Barretto found herself in a situation familiar to first-time moms: losing her power to routine and responsibility, and no longer feeling in control of her own body. “When I gave birth, I completely focused on staying at home and being a mom and a wife, and I totally didn’t realize that I forgot myself in the process.”

It’s this same desire for preservation that prompted Alodia Gosiengfiao to seek 360° Liposuction, as she felt the need to keep her confidence in a largely youth-centered industry. Alodia is widely known for her passions-turned-professions, gaming and cosplay, but at one point became worried that natural aging would affect her career confidence. “[With age] comes a lot of pressure to maintain how I look,” Alodia quips.

Max Collins’ concern was a hybrid of Dani’s and Alodia’s: juggling motherhood, career and an active lifestyle. Faced with the fear of not achieving her best self despite a 

constant habit of working out, Max needed the confidence to look her best. “I was frustrated that I wasn’t achieving my target arms no matter how much I worked out. With a little encouragement from my friends, I tried Belo 360° Liposuction, and I’m glad I did.”

Like these women’s multi-faceted lives, 360° Liposuction is a step up from your regular lipo procedure in that it is done in a circumferential manner, where adjacent areas surrounding the problem area are also targeted, for a more even look. Long gone are the days when lipo would involve a huge loss of blood—360° Liposuction uses a thin cannula to suction out fat, making the procedure less bloody.  

After the procedure, clients undergo Belo’s BodyTiteRF, producing heat that helps stimulate the contraction of the overlying skin, creating a tightening effect. The whole surgery is done under local anesthesia with “twilight sedation,” and is therefore very safe compared to general anesthesia. Aftercare is also generally easier than the lipo you know off—bruising is significantly less, and downtime is not as long.

With Belo’s 360° Liposuction,  a bespoke treatment is given based on the goals and desires of each patient, personalized to address each individual’s body concerns. With advanced technology and personalized care, it’s no surprise why Dani, Alodia and Max have ended their procedures more than satisfied. “The next day after the procedure, I was back to streaming. It was painless for me,” says Alodia. Max shares: “360° Liposuction has helped my life so much because I no longer have to go on extreme diets or workout multiple times a day. It’s made me healthier knowing that I no longer have to make my body undergo so much stress.”

Of course, beyond the post-procedure comfort, the girls are left with layers of confidence they know they could pull from whenever they need a boost in their constantly challenging lifestyles. “When you love yourself and when you feel confident, you feel you can do anything,” says Dani.

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