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Bring Belo to You with the NEW Belo Beauty Van!

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 11, 2022

If you’re still feeling iffy about getting your treatments done at a clinic, given today’s ongoing pandemic or simply prefer the convenience of having the treatments done without having to lift a finger, then Belo Medical Group has the perfect solution for you—the Belo Beauty Van (basically like a Belo Clinic on wheels) was conceptualized with its customers’ utmost convenience in mind. For a minimum of P40,000 worth of services (and a 10% service charge), you can now book your fave treatments without ever having to leave your home. Here’s everything you need to know about the Belo Beauty Van.

How does it work? All you have to do is book the Belo Beauty Van for your preferred date (the van is available Mondays to Fridays). Once the van has reached your chosen destination, an antigen test will be performed, then you will be free to enjoy all the wonderful amenities the van is equipped with. 

Each van comes with a built-in Alexa, making it easy for you to choose your fave tunes or movies for the duration of your treatment(s). Incidentally, the van comes with an Intellipure air purifier (they use the same ones at all Belo clinics) so you can be sure that you’re completely safe once you step into the van.

Below are just some of the procedures you can try out in the Belo Beauty Van: 

1. Belo Skin Reboot

This lifting and tightening procedure is the perfect solution for those who want instant results or have an event on the same day or the day after. Skin Reboot can be performed on both the face and body and is effective for decongesting skin using a combination of radiofrequency and direct current. The RF energy produced in the deep tissues tightens the skin, while the direct current allows the effective penetration of a skin-rebuilding plant-based treatment emulsion.

2. Belo Glass Skin Facial

If you long for ‘glass skin’ like your fave Korean stars, then this facial will be the perfect treatment to indulge in. The treatment begins with deep cleansing followed by an infusion of hyaluronic acid via ultrasound. The result? Skin that glows, thanks to hyaluronic acid molecules that act like ‘liquid mirrors’ underneath the skin.

3. Belo Exilis

If your goal is to have a slimmer appearance, Exilis works wonderfully as a painless treatment that uses thermal waves to effectively melt unwanted fat and improve skin laxity and texture. Exilis is safe for both the face and body, and is a great way to maintain a svelte figure and toned facial structure.

4. Belo Vivace Acne

Enjoy the best of both worlds: high-intensity radiofrequency and microneedling work together to remodel the deeper layer of the skin via stimulation of collagen and elastin production. Vivace’s unique offering is that it has the ability to improve skin quality issues too, such as pore size, pigmentation and uneven skin texture.

5. Belo Ulthera

This FDA-approved skin-tightening system is armed with a unique Microfocused Ultrasound with Visualization (MFUV) that allows the technician to target specific areas that need tightening. Ultherapy is the gold standard procedure when it comes to increasing the production of collagen and elastin, and it produces the best AFTER results for jaw definition. 

Book the Belo Beauty Van now via or through your nearest Belo branch. 

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