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Belo Botox Review: “Huge Difference with my Frown Lines!”

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 4, 2022

Words by Agoo Azcuna-Bengzon

In April 2002, the beauty industry experienced a life-changing event when Botox (the brand name of the first neurotoxin injectable) got its green light from the FDA. Since then, anyone intent on zapping wrinkles away or softening their square jawline—or even stop excessive sweating in its tracks, has made it a bi-annual habit to pay a visit to their derma to avail of neurotoxins that magically “Photoshop” wrinkles away, shrink or lift your face, and save you the from the embarrassment of having sweaty armpits (or palms and soles of the feet). How exactly? Belo Botox is an injectable neuromodulator that works to relax nerve-muscle imbalance. In other words—wherever it is injected, Botox causes the underlying muscles to temporarily stop moving by interfering with the nerve stimulation of the muscle. Read my Belo Botox review below!

Why did I want to try Botox?

I had tried Botox on my masseter muscle (a rectangular-shaped muscle under your ear by your jawline in your face that is used when chewing) about three times prior to this, and it was a procedure I really grew to love because the difference was always so dramatic after just a month. When the pandemic struck though, I didn’t get to maintain the slimmer appearance of my jaw and lower face since trips to the derma proved to be a challenge. Being able to finally get Botox on my masseter again this month felt like such a treat plus it was an opportunity to try something I had never done before: Botox on my forehead! I turned 45 last December, and noticed a few lines and dents on my forehead, and Doc Jetty Magalona said that these could easily be smoothed out with Botox.

Treatment Day

On the day of my scheduled Botox procedure, numbing cream was first applied all over my face (this was done because I had my warts removed on the same day right before the Botox was injected so the numbing cream actually served a dual purpose). Doc Jetty started with my masseter muscle first (pain level was a 2 from a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most painful). After that, she moved on to the forehead. This hurt just a little more (pain level of 3) only because Doc Jetty had to inject small amounts several times. After the procedure, I was advised to refrain from laying down for the next 4 hours (this helps prevent the Botox solution from settling into other parts of the face), and wait until late evening before washing my face. I was also asked to apply two creams, Belo’s Laser Cream and Tyrosinase Inhibitor Cream to ensure my skin would be protected from irritation and darkening respectively.

Belo Botox Before and After Result

After seven days, I noticed a huge difference with my frown lines. I tried to make the same expression I did to make the frown lines show, and I simply couldn’t—proof that the Botox was in full effect. One thing that felt different was a feeling of tightness on my forehead. I would describe it as the same feeling you get when you have a topically applied face mask on, and it begins to dry up. Doc Jetty warned that it might feel this way but that I would eventually get used to it, and that the feeling would ease up in the following weeks. As of this Belo Botox review, I am still waiting for the full effects on my masseter to show. But I’m confident that, just as with my (now gone) frown lines, the results will be phenomenal!

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