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Belo Medical Group’s chosen aesthetic devices wins at the 2023 Aesthetic Medicine Awards

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 24, 2023

The Belo Medical Group (BMG) is proud to have brought in award-winning technologies and make it available to patients. We acknowledge the achievements of Fillmed Laboratories and ExoCoBio Inc. that recently garnered awards at the Aesthetic Medicine Awards, a  prestigious body that recognises excellence in aesthetics and anti-aging medicine.

Nanosoft®, the smallest needle in the world, is used for popular Belo treatments.

The French-established Fillmed Laboratories that brought Belo Shop bestsellers such as HAB5 Skin Perfusion and P-Bright Skin Perfusion Kits to the country won the Best Aesthetic Devices for  Nanosoft® needle (a soft and small needle used to delicately perform treatments such as LuminoVitaGlow, Belo Exosomes and BioNutriGlow.

Manufactured by ExoCobio Inc. based in South Korea, ASCE+ HRLV helps with scalp rejuvenation and hair loss.

Meanwhile, South Korean ExoCobio Inc., known to have found ASCE+ Exosomes used for the Belo treatment of the same name, was granted the Best Cosmetics award for ASCE+ HRLV, an advanced hair rejuvenation solution that helps restore a healthy scalp as well as hair thickness. 

The AMWC Aesthetic Medicine Awards celebrates the innovation and expertise of physicians and companies who specialize in aesthetics & anti-aging medicine from around the world.

We are always committed to bringing the best and the latest treatments and products that will support our patients’ beauty journey.

Congratulations to Fillmed Laboratories and ExoCoBio Inc!

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