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Belo Spearheads Innovation with Jovena, Emsculpt NEO, and Picosure PRO

By Ysabel Vitangcol on August 17, 2022

For 32 years, Belo Medical Group has been at the forefront of innovation in the field of cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics in the Philippines. And to this day, our founder, CEO, and Medical Director, Dr. Vicki Belo, continues to search the world for the most advanced and efficient technologies to bring home for you, our patients, to enjoy. We believe you deserve world-class machines that can bring you the best results, so you never have to leave the country to advance your skin journey. Here are three of the exciting new treatments we’ve recently added to our roster:

Belo Jovena

“This is one of my favorites,” Dr. Belo mentioned at the International Master Course on Aging Science (IMCAS) World Congress in Paris this year. The Jovena System comes with four specialized handpieces that each target their own set of issues. plasmaROLL is ideal for large areas of the body, particularly to target superficial layers for micro-retraction. plasmaTIP is ideal for pinpoint-precise delivery, making it perfect as a spot treatment for small but common skin issues (fine lines, scars, wrinkles, and more). plasmaPRO uses a selective applicator to create controlled damage to medium size areas or for benign lesions.

“I believe that if you rejuvenate, you have to do the skin, then you have to do the muscle, and the bone as well because we lose all of that as we get older,” Dr. Belo says. The handpiece in the video above is called bQUAD, which combines RF diathermy with muscle contractions, creating a “diathermic pulse” that you can physically see and feel during your treatment. The muscular contraction generated by this technology promotes skin tightening, firming, and toning. 

Belo Emsculpt NEO

The fan-favorite Emsculpt is back and better than ever with the NEO edition, which is “the only non-invasive technology that simultaneously uses radiofrequency and HIFEM+ energies to eliminate fat and build muscle,” according to manufacturer, BTL. This is perfect for those who are looking to lose fat and build muscle at the same time, but may not necessarily have the time to hit the gym regularly.

In a single 25- to 30-minute session, Emsculpt NEO is able to generate tens of thousands of muscular contractions. While you lay back and relax, the machine raises the temperature in the targeted fat cells until it reaches a level that causes permanent damage. Then, the fat cells are gradually removed from the body—and the strained muscle fibers begin their growth process. And you better believe it, because you’ll see immediate off-the-table results! Emsculpt NEO can be used on the abdomen, arms, thighs, and even to lift your buttocks.

Belo Emsculpt NEO starts at P15,500/session for the arms and P20,600/session for the abdomen/buttocks.

Belo Picosure PRO

Struggling with the pigmentation left behind from acne, sun exposure, and other factors like aging? Just like Emsculpt NEO, Belo Picosure PRO is many steps ahead of its predecessor. Featuring the world’s first ever 755nm picosecond (1-trillionth of a second) laser, it targets unwanted pigmentation, wrinkles, pores, and acne scars. Its new platinum focus lens makes it 10X better than the old Picosure machine in targeting these skin issues. The treatment also has zero downtime, so it’s perfect as a lunch break treatment. 

Picosure PRO comes with three settings: PicoFIX for those with acne scars and other forms of pigmentation, PicoFIRM for general rejuvenation and more severe pigmentation issues, and PicoBLAST which is used for tattoo removal.

Prices for Belo Picosure PRO start at P12,800/session. 
We will always strive to give you the world’s best and most efficient treatments. Enrich your beauty journey and follow us on Instagram for the latest updates

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