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Exfoliate at Home with the Belo On-The-Glow Body Scrub Kit

By Ysabel Vitangcol on May 19, 2020

If you think about it, quarantine is the perfect time to give yourself the break you deserve. If you’re lucky enough that you get to work from home and shelter in place safely, a great way to reduce quarantine-related anxiety is by treating yourself to at-home pampering treatments. Aside from sheet masks or massages, there’s one more thing you can DIY while in ECQ: an exfoliating body scrub. And for that, nothing’s better than the Belo On-The-Glow Kit. This is the at-home version of the Body Scrub with Bleach that you’ve come to love at our clinics—we’re making it available to you so you can slough off the buildup of dead skin cells on your body.

All you have to do is order your On-The-Glow Kit from the Belo Shop, and once it arrives at your doorstep (in 7 working days or less), light a scented candle, put on some spa music, and just follow these steps for an instant glow:

1. Mix Sea Salt Scrub (500g) and Base Oil (250ml) in a sealable container.

Voila! Your own Belo Body Scrub fix at home! This blend of sea salt and essential oils is slathered all over the body to gently exfoliate the skin. This also allows the skin to better absorb the ingredients that you’ll be using after this scrub.

2. Apply the Body Scrub mixture on dry skin in gentle circular motions.

You can definitely do this by yourself, but it would be more relaxing if you can ask your spouse to do the scrubbing! Tip: Don’t wet your skin prior to this step, for better moisture and exfoliation. Rub each area of your body, avoiding sensitive areas like the decolletage and neck, in circular motions, maintaining gentle pressure. 

3. Rinse off using the Belo Essentials Whitening Bar and lukewarm water.

Your skin’s just been exfoliated—don’t use hot water! As you run the Whitening Bar across your body, you’ll feel just how much softer and smoother your skin’s become. 

4. After toweling off, use the Belo Illuminating Cream for that extra glow.

To top everything off, this cream will work wonders for bringing out your natural glow and giving you even-toned skin. And you’re all done! You can now return to your Netflix marathon feeling softer, smoother, and more beautiful.

We often focus so much on our faces that the skin on our body gets neglected. By exfoliating regularly, we give the skin on our body the hydration and nourishment it deserves! Dr. Belo’s advice is to exfoliate the body up to two times per week.

You can order your Belo On-The-Glow Kit right here at the Belo Shop! Quick, add to cart…and enjoy your new baby-soft skin!

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