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4 Summer-Ready Tips From Jessica Wilson

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 11, 2018

There is no doubt that Jessica Wilson is one of the most stylish women in the metro. Her killer OOTDs and unapologetic sense of style has her over 190,000+ followers double-tapping every single one of her posts.

Jessica Wilson's Travel ootd

#GirlsOfSummer goals! Jess posing with her travel OOTD.

We got to catch up with the It girl and get the scoop on all her style secrets for the season—from her best fitness tips, fashion must-haves, and how she keeps her beauty routine in check despite the scorching heat. Keep reading to find out what Jessica’s tips are and discover how you can achieve your #SummerBeautyGoals, too.

Summer-Ready Tip #1: Workout—even if you don’t feel like it.

“Sometimes I find myself just sitting all day a work, so I really need to [workout],” says Jess. “Every morning, I wake up and reluctantly do the treadmill,” she says. Her current obsession? Fasted Cardio, which has to be done on an inclined treadmill as soon as you wake up and without eating. “Fifteen incline, six feet, 45 minutes. Once I get it done, I’m good to go,” she adds.

She admits, however, that there’s also a downside to sticking to a fitness routine. “Sometimes, I feel like I plateau because I really hate switching it up,” she says. To help with this challenge, Jess turns to Venus Freeze treatment of the Belo Clinic—a treatment that melts fat and is best for tightening and contouring the body. “Even at my skinniest, I always felt like my stomach was so big. It will always be my biggest issue—and that’s how Venus Freeze comes in my life,” she reveals. “It’s for that extra push and those stubborn spots that you need a little help with.”

Jessica Wilson Working Out

Take your inspo from Jess—cute athleisure outfits can motivate you to workout!

Summer-Ready Tip #2: Prepare Your Fashion Must-Haves.

When it comes to summer fashion, Jess reveals what you should always have in your closet: “Definitely a really cute beach bag! And also, a fun and flattering swimsuit. One-pieces are really in and are easy to wear. But whether it’s a one-piece or a bikini, find something that you can rely on. Finally, a really cute summer cover-up or a summer dress.”

Jess Wilson at the Belo Girls of Summer Shoot

Jess’ fashion forecast: one-piece bikinis are back! We’re loving what Jess wore during the Belo #GirlsOfSummer shoot.

Summer-Ready Tip #3: Never Take Your Skin For Granted.

“With all the heat and all the sweat I need to have a consistent skin routine, so I always try to go for a weekly facial” says Jess. “I love the Belo Botanical Facial in particular because it’s very relaxing and soothing.” This 45-minute facial is best for those who want to get rid of skin dulling dead skin cells and it uses an all-natural exfoliating scrub to make the skin smooth and clean. “I don’t want intense pricking facials, I just want something that feels like a spa,” she adds.

When it comes to prepping her skin for big events, Jess reveals that the Belo Angel Whitening Laser treatment is her fave. “When I have an event and I know I have to look good, I do the Angel White treatment since it has no downtime,” she says. “It instantly brightens my skin and tightens my pores. I do it on the whole face down to the neck,” she said.

Jessica Wilson Glowing Skin

Now we know the secrets to her envy-worthy glow!

And if you really want your body to look radiant and glowing from head to toe, consider getting a Belo Body Scrub with Bleach treatment. “It’s a sea salt scrub just to exfoliate the dead skin cells and smoothen your skin,” explains Dr. Rossanne Daval-Santos, MD, of the Belo Medical Clinic. “For patients who have morena skin or don’t really want to lighten their complexion, they can opt to have the bleaching cream removed.” In fact, you can just ask your Belo doctor if it can be applied on certain areas of your body that are darker—like your knees and elbows–to help even it out.

Jessica Wilson Selfie

Her skin? Always selfie-ready!

Summer-Ready Tip #4: Invest in self-care—no matter what the season.

As with many millennials, that practicing self-care is really important to pave the way to self-love. “Taking selfies, dressing up and putting on makeup, or buying yourself a gift, and even investing in a treatment at Belo—it’s all about those small, indulgent moments that remind you that you’re worth doing that for,” Jessica reveals. “Everyone’s going through so much and everyone’s doing something for someone else all the time. You really need to take time out to take care of yourself,” she concludes.

Want to learn more about these #SummerReady beauty treatments? Click here to schedule a consultation at the Belo Medical Group Clinic today!

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