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Gabbi Garcia Reveals Her Top Skin Secrets

By Ysabel Vitangcol on May 22, 2018

With her naturally bronzed and flawless skin, singer-actor Gabbi Garcia is the epitome of a natural Filipina beauty. And since she always looks so effortlessly beautiful inher barefaced photos,we got the scoop on all her latest top skin secrets! Keep reading to find out what they are!

Gabbi Garcia at the Belo Clinic

Gabbi’s secret to keeping her skin clear and pimple-free: facials!

Top Skin Secrets #1: Treat the problem.

Hormonal breakouts and acne happens to everyone—even to celebrities like Gabbi. With all the stress, the late-night shoots, heavy makeup, and add to that, pollution, you can just imagine how it can take a toll on their skin. For Gabbi, early intervention is key. “My biggest beauty problem? From time to time, pimples would be popping up on my face because of the everyday makeup, the everyday pollution, and stress outside,” Gabby reveals. That’s why her favorite treatment at Belo are their facials like the Glycopeel and Botanical Cleaning, which can help prevent acne from forming and revive lackluster skin with congested, clogged pores. “I do it every week,” she adds.

Top Skin Secrets #2: Keep it simple.

Everyone’s skin is different from the other; some are guilty of going through the whole 10-step Korean skincare, while some use just the basics. For Gabbi prefers to keeps her skincare simple—and it works for her! Curious about what her essentials are? “The three beauty products I can’t live without would be moisturizer, my cheek and lip tint, and the Belo sunscreen.”

Gabbi Garcia

No need to pile on tons of makeup when you’re fresh-faced and glowing!

Top Skin Secrets #3: Stay happy.

Outer beauty is reflected when you also feel beautiful and happy in the inside. “My tip for all the girls out there who don’t feel beautiful is to love yourself more. It all starts within you—start accepting all your flaws, and accept that everybody’s unique and beautiful in their own way,” shares Gabbi.“You don’t have to really fit in to everyone’s definition of beautiful or sexy. You can just slay it your own way.”

Top Skin Secrets #4: Treat yourself.

With work, traffic, and all the every day hustle and bustle, it can become very easy to forget that you need pampering. That’s why Gabbi’s self-care ritual includes “going to the spa, shopping, and treating myself to Belo.”After a tiring week, don’t you think you should make time to treat yourself, too?

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