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Here’s How to Make Your Apartment Look More ~Maaliwalas~

By Ysabel Vitangcol on March 3, 2021

When your entire life revolves around your living space, you owe it to yourself to make it the prettiest and the most organized it can be. After all, a clean and beautiful home is great for your mental health and your mood. That said, here are five ways to make your apartment feel more bright and airy.

  1. Have a dedicated space for your WFH energizers.

Whether it’s coffee, vitamins, or a quick pre-shift breakfast, it’s great to have a dedicated space for your morning rituals. Get rid of those makeshift boxes and containers that don’t suit your preferred color scheme, and replace them with organizers in colors you actually like. This helps make the area look more streamlined. Trust us—it’ll make a big difference. (If you can make even your appliances match your color scheme, even better!)

  1. Widen and brighten up the space with mirrors—huge ones.

Work in a windowless room or an apartment that receives little natural light? Mirrors help reflect light towards dark corners, and they also make a space look much bigger than it is. On an unrelated but totally related note, a giant mirror is what all your WFH outfits have been waiting for.

  1. Hoard cute bed sheets!

Love working in bed? Or do you just want a beautiful place to rest your head at night? Upgrading your faded, 10-year-old linens to cute and modern styles will instantly make your WHOLE room nicer. The bed, after all, is the focal point of your room, so this is a cheap way to give it a makeover. We love these Korean-inspired sheets above!

  1. Upgrade your plates and utensils—finally.

If you’re still living on those ceramic hand-me-downs from when you first moved into your apartment, time for a new look. You probably eat home-cooked food more often now, so make your meals more special with plates, glasses, and utensils you actually love.

  1. Go as wireless as humanly possible.

Something that keeps a place from looking truly maaliwalas? Annoying, snaking cables and wires EVERYWHERE. To solve this problem, try and upgrade your WFH gadgets to all-wireless. From phone chargers to earphones to clocks and even lamps, there’s a wireless version for nearly everything.

We hope you’ll take the time to give your space the makeover it deserves—because just like your skin, your living space ought to be nurtured on the reg. Happy redecorating (and adding to cart)!

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