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Here’s Your Cheat Sheet for the Belo 11.11 Sale!

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 4, 2020

After the success of our 8.8 birthday sale and giveaway, 9.9 ~secret~ sale, and 10.10 extravaganza, we decided to welcome the 2020 holiday season with yet another treat—the 11.11 sale! But with all the promos available, it can be hard to choose which Belo treatments and products to try. Here’s your cheat sheet—keep this bookmarked!

If you want: Brighter, more even-toned skin

Enjoy Buy One, Get One deals on these pigmentation-zapping treatments:

Or, get 11% off on the following Belo-It-Yourself Kits:

You can also get 2 sessions of Belo Infusions (Cinderella Drip, Enhanced Placenta Drip) for 11K only!

If you want: Tighter, younger-looking skin

BOGO deals are available for Belo Vita, the popular anti-aging treatment:

  • Belo Vita (choice between Face, Neck, Face & Neck, Knees, or Hands)
  • Belo Vita (choice between Butt or Arms & Wings)

What about 11K for a session of Skin Reboot Face and Neck? That’s a P4,000 discount!

If you want: Radiant, smooth, and more luminous skin

You’ll get your fix with BOGO deals on these skin quality-improving treatments!

Want silky-smooth, hair-free skin? We got you covered! BOGO deals for:

What about 11% off on a radiance-boosting kit for the whole body?

For 11K, you can also score two sessions of:

If you want: To slim and tone

Want to lose inches in preparation for the holiday season? For only 11K, you can enjoy one of the following options:

  • 11K for 2 sessions of Myosculpt 
  • 11K for 2 sessions of Belo Infusions (Cinderella Drip, Double Defense Drip, Enhanced Placenta Drip, or Enhanced Athlete’s Drip)
  • 11K for 1 session of V-Contour Face

If you want: To boost your immunity

If you want: Thicker, healthier hair

The 11% off deal extends to our sought-after HairTechMD kits, too!

During these unpredictable times, the best gift you can give yourself is the gift of self-care. Now more than ever, *you* should be your number-one investment. And who doesn’t deserve to look and feel more beautiful? So set your alarms for 12 midnight of November 11, because this sale is happening for 24 hours only! Happy shopping, and happy holidays, Belo Beauties!

The Belo 11.11 sale, happening on November 11, 2020, applies to online and in-clinic purchases. Terms and conditions apply.

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