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The Best Ways to Remove Scars, Forever

By Ysabel Vitangcol on September 11, 2023

Different people have different attitudes when it comes to scars. Some like them as it tells an unforgettable story. Some don’t mind them as they are in a place which can be easily concealed. But many others ask “How to remove scars?”, primarily when they are located on the face or in an area one would like to show off. 

Belo Medical Group offers different easy and safe ways for you to say good-bye to scars – read on!

Why do scars happen? 

Scars are caused by different reasons. Varying causes also create different types of scars. You are probably familiar with acne scars, pox scars, keloid and surgical scars. At Belo, every treatment or procedure is tailored to address your problems with regards to any of these kinds of scars.


Recommended to help reduce vascular lesions, melasma, acne scars and wrinkles, ADVALight is the only solid yellow state laser that produces two wavelengths in a single spot – not only does it help reduce redness, it also helps rebuild collagen, improve skin texture, tone and pore size.

Angel Whitening

This treatment hits two birds with one stone by brightening and smoothening the targeted area! Also helps in reducing pigmentation, Angel Whitening also treats dried insect bite marks, among others.

ASCE+ Exosomes

Did someone say skin rejuvenation?! That’s the work ASCE+ Exosomes can do! ASCE+ Derma Signal Complexes are, in a way, “messenger cells” that help influence old cells to create newer and healthier skin cells. ASCE+ Exosomes are applied directly to the dermis which penetrates in to deeper skin layers – which includes tending to skin healing.

Fractional CO2

For a more intensive approach when it comes to treating acne and atrophic scars, there is Fractional CO2. It is also a fractional resurfacing laser but with higher energy and better depth of penetration. With this laser, less number of treatments and longer intervals are required.

Fraxel Dual 

Fraxel is a fractional resurfacing laser. The erbium glass wavelength is used to improve the texture of atrophic scars such as acne and pox scars. The device creates microscopic columns deep into the skin to induce collagen remodeling. Resurfacing also stimulates the growth of new and healthy skin cells therefore making the scars look less visible each time you undergo the procedure.


Quite similar to fractional CO2 Laer, Jovena uses plasma energy through RF Diathermocontractional and Fractional Plasma to improve skin texture to promote cellular renewal; delving into deeper dermal issues like wrinkles and scars.

While Fractional CO2 Laser uses carbon dioxide, both have proven to be a good and effective laser for skin resurfacing. Know more about their differences here.

Treatments vary per patient; depending on the doctor’s recommendation. Let a Belo Medical Group doctor help you out! Call 8819-BELO (2356) or click here to book a consultation.

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