Reshaping Receding Chin with Fillers at Belo

I Got Chin Fillers to Reshape My Receding Chin

By Ysabel Vitangcol on January 31, 2021

Whenever graphic designer Rox Malazarte would look in the mirror, she would always find herself asking the question, “Why is my chin like this?” For her photos on social media, she would use different angles and take advantage of different lighting situations to downplay her chin. She felt like something was missing, and before she knew it, she was looking at videos about chin fillers on YouTube and Instagram.

The chin does wonders to define our face. It gives it structure and brings attention to our other features—which is why having a weak or receding chin can affect just how balanced the face looks like, especially when viewed from the side. The jawline appears softer, more roundish, and baby-like, even. For others, it gives off what looks like a double chin, or an unclear demarcation between the chin and the neck.

It was a video on @belobeauty’s Instagram account about its chin fillers, along with the encouragement of friends, that finally gave Rox the confidence to finally do something about her receding chin. 

“The main reason was self-love, of course,” she shares. “The second reason was curiosity. I was curious about the outcome and the difference the fillers will do to my appearance. I was also inspired by the Belo Babies.”

Since it would be her first time to get fillers, Rox was initially nervous before the session. “At first I thought the procedure would be painful,” she recalls. “My first impression would end up being different from my actual experience.”

Amid the pandemic, Belo made the process as smooth, comfortable, and as safe as possible. “You just need to bring yourself and follow the safety protocols inside the clinic,” Rox notes.

During the session, which is done in as fast as 30 minutes, a very thin needle is used to inject small amounts of the dermal fillers into the problem areas. “Before we proceeded, Dr. Angel Mesina thoroughly explained and answered all my questions,” Rox remembers. “There’s a little discomfort, but the pain was tolerable for me.” 

Right after the procedure, she immediately saw results. Her face achieved that lovely V-shape that comes with a strong, well-defined chin. She would come back for just one more session to complete the transformation.


Posted by Rox Malazarte on Saturday, January 2, 2021

“The pain was gone after two to three days and it took two weeks to completely heal,” says Rox. She thought the fillers would subside after six months, but they didn’t, something which can be seen in her Facebook and Instagram selfies. The results of Belo’s dermal fillers can last for as long as a whopping eight to twelve months!

“I gained confidence, and I felt really good after seeing the before and after photos. My friends complimented me, they noticed the difference from my chin before, and they loved the result. No need to look for the perfect angle for my selfies! This is the perfect non-surgical procedure, and it will surely change your life.”

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