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If You Absolutely Must Pop That Pimple Yourself, Here’s Advice from Dr. Vicki Belo

By Ysabel Vitangcol on January 6, 2021

You’ve heard it from every dermatologist—and skincare influencer—worth their salt: Never pop your own pimples. This could infect your zit, cause newer pimples to emerge in its place, or leave a nasty scar. But if we’re being 100% honest (it’s a New Year, after all), sometimes you can’t help but burst those little buggers on your own. Again, we strongly advise against this, because it’s better to have a professional deal with it for you. BUT. If you absolutely must pop your pimple yourself…then here are some tips from Dr. Vicki Belo

“Let’s do it properly. I’m sure other dermas will get mad at me, but anyway, since I know it happens… Number one, please wash your hands to the ‘Happy Birthday’ song twice.” If we’re gonna take matters into our own hands, it’s important to be absolutely clean about it.

“Number two, your extraction tool should be boiled for 20 minutes to kill all of the bacteria, and then alcohol. Number three, steam. If you want a DIY steam, get a stainless steel bowl with water that’s been boiled, and put a towel over your head so your skin softens up a bit.” Essentially, we’re trying to replicate the steps an aesthetician would normally take, had you booked an appointment with us.

Dr. Belo advises that store-bought blackhead extractors should “only be used on the nose, and very gently.” Don’t have or don’t want to use a blackhead extractor? She recommends wrapping clean fingers in cotton and then pressing lightly, “because [fingers are] more round, so it doesn’t create such a sharp [sensation].”

Lastly, for prevention, you’ll need to switch up your routine to make way for acne-fighting power ingredients. The Belo Prescriptives Glycolic Soap can be used on both the face and body, and comes in a 5% and 10% formulation. Our selection of facial cleansers and toners at the Belo Shop is sure to have something for you—from the ZO Exfoliating Cleanser to the Belo Prescriptives Acne Astringent and more. Best to consult with our doctors first, though! 

One last time for the record: We’d rather deal with that zit on your behalf. It’s safer and easier for you, and won’t leave any long-term effects like scarring on your skin. Popping your pimples yourself will always be a gamble; you don’t know if you’ll be causing more harm than good. But when left with no choice, bookmark this page so you can do it right.

To book your appointment for a facial, call 8819-BELO, or email info@belomed.com.

Want to chat before diving in? Click here to book an online consultation with a Belo MD. If you want to speak to the Beauty Expert herself, click here to book an online consultation with Dr. Vicki Belo.

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