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Why Do Some Pimples Come Back Bigger After You Pop Them?

By Anya Reyes for Belo Medical Group on December 29, 2020

Isn’t it frustrating how pimples show up on days when you need to have that clear skin you’ve worked so hard for? A hot date, a job interview, getting your 1×1 ID photo taken…the list goes on. We then turn to our default resolution of trying to pop the zit ourselves. These include covering it up with makeup and praying that it doesn’t look noticeable. What you may have noticed though is that it comes back on the same spot. (Sometimes even bigger, after you’ve popped it.) Why is that so? We sat down with Dr. Vicki Belo to find answers.

No Pressure

Let’s first take a closer look at a pimple. She describes it as if it was a mountain, and underneath is a little sac where all the pus is. 

“There’s only a very narrow point where all that pus can come out. As you pick and try to push out the pus, there’s a point where you feel the pain. This is because you’re trying to squeeze out a big ball out of a small hole. You let go and you try again. The moment you’re able to pop it, what really happens is half the pus comes out. The other half of the pus gets sucked inside since you’re putting pressure when you release. It just stays there. You can’t get it out anymore because it’s inflamed and irritated. That’s why pimples come back on the same spot, sometimes bigger than the one before it.”

Dr. Vicki Belo’s Recommendation

According to Dr. Belo, you’re not able to completely remove the pus yourself 70% of the time. That’s why she’s recommending everyone, even dermatologists themselves, to have acne professionally treated.

Sanitized tools are used to prick pimples. There are certain techniques to gather all the pus underneath your skin and completely push it all out. Thankfully, there are several treatments available at your favorite Belo clinic depending on your skin’s needs so not all hope is lost!

From Glycopeel Cleaning to ADVALight, our Belo doctors or even Dr. Belo herself will be able to recommend the best beauty plan for you. 

To book your consultation for acne-related concerns, call 8819-BELO, or click here.

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