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I’m in My 50s, and This Is My Holy Grail Lotion

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 14, 2020

It’s easy to care for your skin when you’re 16 and basically poreless. But as you approach your 40s and beyond, your high school drugstore finds may no longer do the trick. You need high-performance, proven-and-tested products to up your collagen levels, slow down aging, and keep you looking healthy and youthful. And this doesn’t just go for the skin on your face—after all, the skin on your body ages along with you, too. That’s why for Rosa Corrales, it was a huge relief to find her perfect body care product. Read on.

“At this age (golden na), I feel that my skin has seen it all. And by all, I mean it’s been through different climates, temperature, skin burns from both the natural and unnatural way of tanning, [and all kinds of] abuse,” she confessed. “So more than ever, I needed to take exceptionally good care of my skin—not just on my face but for the rest of my body parts.”

Rosa Corrales at 50s

Rosa discovered the ZO® Body Emulsion while under quarantine, when Dr. Hayden Kho posted about how much he loved it on Instagram. She immediately got herself a bottle, and she fell in love with it just as quickly. “The Body Emulsion [gives] my skin the hydration it needs to keep my skin soft and smooth…like, silky smooth!” 

It’s easy to see why: this body hydrator actually contains a 12-hour time-release antioxidant complex that protects the skin, even long after you’ve applied it. It also contains retinol for increased collagen production and cellular turnover, papain for exfoliation, glycerin and algae extract for hydration, and much, much more. You can view the full ingredient list here. (Related: What’s Retinol, and Why Do You Need It in Your Skincare Routine?)

“Beach trips and trips to the province [have left] my skin feeling weird and super dry. Thank God for my saving grace. This Body Emulsion really helped with my skin issues—I know I’m just hysterical when it comes to anything that involves the skin. Applying this lotion in rough areas, elbows, knees can instantly leave my skin hydrated. I feel and think it really penetrates the moisture, deeply. It’s my body’s AGUA,” she raved.

Rosa Corrales eating some food

“[I’m] so happy to have discovered the ZO® Body Emulsion. Every time I apply this, it gets me excited. It’s like the feeling of knowing that I get to treat my skin with so much love and respect, you know what I mean?”

Rosa Corrales with no makeup

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