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Julia Barretto Reflects on Her Glass Skin Facial Experience

By admin on March 6, 2020

The trending look of the moment: Smooth, blemish-free skin that needs no concealer. Highlight? It came from within. K-beauty gave this look a name: Glass Skin. This inspired one of Belo Medical Group’s latest treatments. The Glass Skin Facial became an instant hit among its clients. #BeloBaby Julia Barretto is one of its biggest fans. 

Glass Skin Confessions

She fell in love with instantly the first time she got the treatment. “During the treatment, I kept saying, ‘Wow, it feels so good.’ I think there’s something about it that keeps you— makes you feel so refreshed and makes you feel really clean, honestly. And my skin felt rejuvenated after.” 

Her experience gave her the results it promised when she first heard of the treatment. 

“I thought it was perfect, because every time we’re not wearing any makeup, I think the best look we wanna achieve is we have glassy skin. Really clear, really spotless, like poreless. And I think that’s what the Glass Skin Facial is all about. Really making you confident, even without having any makeup on when you’re out.” 

Coincidentally, Glass Skin is perfect for women like Julia who want to feel most confident without makeup. “You know what makes me feel so good? After a long day, it’s just when…after a busy day at work, and then just removing everything. It’s just a lot of load that you feel gets off. Taking off all your makeup, cleansing the day off of you, and just going to bed—that’s the best.” 

Looking Through 

Glass Skin Facial is for those who want their skin to achieve its best look sans makeup. It uses a multi-step deep cleansing wash. This is followed by an ultrasound treatment using Hyaluronic Acid gel that reduces wrinkles and hydrates skin profusely.

Since there is no downtime, people as busy as Julia can do it easily every two to four weeks.

If you have dry skin or if you just prioritizing maintaining the right moisture level, the Glass Skin Facial is one of the best options. Julia likes it as it complements her goals and her career.

“I think I’m more of a moisture girl. I think with our line of work, there’s just so much going on with our skin. It tends to get dry. I actually don’t do much, I just use cleanser and moisturizer. The more products I use on my face, the more my skin reacts to it. So I try not to use as much. That’s why the [Belo] treatments are perfect, just to maintain.” 

Seeing Clearly

As the days go by, Julia testifies that the Glass Skin Facial continues to give benefits. “I feel like [my skin was]  starting to ‘breathe’ better. You know how sometimes when we’re tired at work, and then our body gets to rest when we have our days off? That’s how it feels, like breathing.”

Glass Skin Facial makes Julia feel even happier being a #BeloBaby. She says about the Belo Medical family, “I’m just really happy. I’m so, so thankful, because, you know, I was embraced so tightly and I feel very appreciated. I think that’s one of the best feelings anybody could ever feel, so it’s nice to be part of something that embraces you.” 

Do you want to feel good makeup-free because of the Glass Skin Facial? Book an appointment at your nearest Belo Medical Group clinic now. Call 8819-BELO (2356) or click here .

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