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Make Your Routine More Luxurious (And Hygienic!) with This Silicone Applicator

By Ysabel Vitangcol on February 4, 2021

The skincare industry has made way for many mini-innovations to enhance the at-home experience. From marble face rollers to gua sha and even at-home rejuvenation devices, the market is lousy with products that claim to help improve the way your precious creams and serums are applied. But when we’re talking about practicality and effectivity, there’s really only one option: a silicone applicator! Luckily, the Belo Silicone Applicator now comes free with every purchase of the Belo Illuminating System or FillMed Glycopeel Mask. You can also get it on its own for only P350! Here’s why it’s a great add-on to your routine.

Dr. Vicki Belo has searched far and wide for the perfect applicator with a slanted tip, but since she couldn’t find one, she decided to create it for herself and for her patients. “It helps you apply [your products] more evenly and efficiently onto your skin, for optimal glowing and brightening results,” she says. “You’ll also get the most out of your precious product, because the silicone applicator will not absorb it, and will also not harbor bacteria.”

Using the Belo Silicone Applicator allows you to keep your products sanitized and hygienic, while also adding a touch of luxe to your usual beauty routine. The slanted brush shape allows you to target all areas of your body evenly. In the video above, Dr. Belo even uses the brush on her underarms!

Cleaning your applicator is super-easy, too. Just use some warm water and gentle liquid soap, and rub along the bristles carefully. Rinse with water, and let dry in a place with minimal humidity. Then, it’s ready for use again. Now you can enjoy applying your masks, creams, and lotions even more!
Click here to purchase the Belo Silicone Applicator.

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