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4 Confessions of Morissette Amon’s Arm Liposuction Journey

By Ysabel Vitangcol on May 24, 2018

The truth? Undergoing arm liposuction is not the easiest choice to make. That’s why The Voice Philippines’ runner-up and ASAP mainstay, Morissette Amon, admits that she was initially hesitant about undergoing the procedure. But the instant results—like slimmer arms and the tightening of loose skin—made everything worth it. Read on to discover her 360° Liposuction confessions.

Confession #1: “Dr. Vicki Belo really got my attention and trust. I told myself, ‘Okay, I’m in good hands if I ever do anything.”

The decision to go through with the minimally-invasive surgery was her choice, but having Dr. Vicki Belo by her side made her feel more confident about pushing through with it. “Si Dr. Belo mismo ang nag-lipo sa akin,” she shares. “You can trust Belo because they are the experts. [Your doctor knows] what’s best for you. Be confident—it’s worth it!”

Confession #2: “My arms have always been a source of insecurity.”

Yup, even the most confident performers have their fair share of body issues. “For the longest time, I tried doing lots of exercises, kaso feeling ko ang tagal na, tapos walang progress,” shares Morissette. “That’s why I was open to the idea of undergoing arm liposuction.” The singer also opted to combine her liposuction procedure with BodyTite to achieve the best results.

“Arm liposuction involves removing fat from the arms circumferentially to maintain their natural shape,” says Dr. Eloisa Buse, managing physician at the Belo Medical Group. This means that the doctor also removes the fat around the arm area to make the upper body appear more proportioned (think: shoulders, back, and the area where the underarm meets the chest—basically all the places where the fat can bunch up when you wear a tube top or bra). After the liposuction procedure, “it’s followed up with BodyTite—a radio frequency procedure to tighten loose skin,” adds Dr. Buse.

Morissette Toned Arms

These days, the singer wears tops that show off her perfectly toned arms.

Confession #3: “You see results instantly, and nakaka-happy siya.”

Getting arm liposuction can be daunting, but Morissette Amon reveals that the laser-assisted procedure is totally worth it—especially when she saw that it resulted to sexier, toned-looking arms. The singer now maintains her physique by hitting the gym regularly, which is exactly what Dr. Buse recommends for post-arm liposuction patients. “Walking around and going back to your routine is encouraged to make you recover faster, because staying in bed makes you feel sore,” she adds.

Morissette doing plankings

Morissette Amon says it helps to have a personal coach push you when you’re feeling lazy at the gym.

Confession #4: “Belo has helped me with my confidence.”

Morissette says that she’s feeling even better than ever nowadays. “Belo has helped me with my confidence,” she reveals. As for what inspires her to feel beautiful? “I feel most beautiful when I am with my family,” shares Morissette. “Wala kang iniisip na filter. Feeling ko, when you’re most yourself, that’s when you are most beautiful.

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