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5 Local Celebrities Who’ve Had Arm Liposuction

By Ysabel Vitangcol on May 25, 2018

Curious about arm liposuction and want to see who’s had it done? Here are 4 local celebrities who’ve tried the laser-assisted arm liposuction procedure. And if you constantly feel self-conscious about your arms—a notorious spot for stubborn fat—click here to schedule a consultation! Belo Arm Liposuction just might be the procedure that can help you target this problem area and give you the toned-looking arms you’ve been dreaming of.

Morisette Amon

“My arms have always been an insecurity for me,” shares the popular singer and runner-up of The Voice Philippines. “I’ve tried doing lots of exercises tapos walang progress. I was really happy with my arm liposuction by Belo kasi nakikita agad ’yung results. Nakaka-inspire siya actually.”

Jennylyn Mercado

“I just napped and didn’t feel anything and after the procedure it just felt like a post-workout muscle pain,” recalls the actress. “Then I got back to work after three days!”

Grace Lee

“I’m more confident now to wear sleeveless and halter tops,” shares Grace. “Before I was confined to clothes with short sleeves to cover my upper arms. I’m really happy with the results.” And after suffering for endless hours at the gym, the TV host and DJ also revealed that she wished she had done it sooner. “Dr. Belo has been doing lipo for almost 25 years,” shares Grace. “And when it comes to lipo, I think everybody trusts Belo.”

KZ Tandingan

Back in October 2017, the singer posted this photo on Instagram with the caption: “Happy with my 3 year old laser lipo-ed arms!” and credited Dr. Victoria Belo of the Belo Medical Group for the procedure. Judging by what we see, we’d be happy with those long-lasting results too!

Ruffa Gutierrez

“Done by the best and internationally-accredited clinic, what’s there to hesitate about?” recalls Ruffa. The actress, host, and producer also revealed that she combined her arm liposuction procedure with BodyTite to help get rid of loose and sagging skin.

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