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Say Bye-Bye to Unwanted Cheek Fat with These 3 Treatments

By Ysabel Vitangcol on August 14, 2020

Some people have this very unique struggle: no matter how hard they work out and lose fat on their body, they can’t seem to lose it on their face. Alden Richards, our Ulthera Prime for Men endorser, opened up about this during a July 2019 interview: “My dad, brothers, and sisters have it. Regardless of how thin we get, we still get what we call ‘maga face.’ Meron kami lahat noon.” We know how frustrating it must be to work hard to drop the pounds, yet see no changes in one of the areas where it truly matters: your face. But unwanted cheek fat has a solution. Let us count the ways.

1. Your Nonsurgical Solution: Belo Thermage FLX

Our best selling treatment during the 8.8 sale? Belo Thermage FLX, by an absolute landslide. Our patients love its immediate skin-tightening effects, which you’ll notice even only halfway into the procedure. This non-invasive treatment uses patented radiofrequency to tighten skin and give you a more sculpted, contoured face shape. Goodbye, chubby cheeks (and double chin)!

WHO ELSE HAS TRIED IT: Jennylyn Mercado, Marian Rivera, Anne Curtis Smith-Heussaff

  1. Your Nutrient-Rich Alternative: Enerjet Kinetic Facelift

This treatment, no joke, mimics the effects of an actual facelift without your doctor needing to reach for a scalpel. A special firming and rejuvenating solution containing hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin. This tightens, lifts, and rejuvenates the skin immediately: you can contour the jawline, lift your cheeks and brows, and reduce facial jowling. You’ll look less round…and definitely more chiseled.

WHO ELSE HAS TRIED IT: Kim Chiu, Amy Perez-Castillo, Camille Co

  1. Your Under-The-Knife Option: Buccal Fat Removal

Also known as “cheek reduction surgery,” Buccal Fat Removal involves the removal of fat pads underneath the cheeks for a more contoured appearance. You will be under light sleep sedation, and post-surgery, expect to feel some soreness and tenderness in the area. After about two weeks, the swelling should subside, and you’ll be able to appreciate the results!

Want to consider other alternatives? Belo has several other ways to help you get rid of that unwanted cheek fat, so you can finally have the ~*standout cheekbones~* you’ve always wanted. To start mapping out your beauty plan, book an online consultation with us here, or call 8819-BELO.

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