Why It’s Important to Make Facials a Monthly Habit

By Steph Esguerra-Olarte for Belo Medical Group on January 19, 2021

We all know the importance of seeking regular physical examinations and getting that much-needed trim for our tresses every few months. Compared to these, facials tend to be relegated to the sidelines because these are often viewed as pampering treatments rather than essential procedures.

The truth is, facials should not be seen as a luxurious session, but rather an integral part of your self-care routine. That’s because taking care of your skin is just as important as your other usual check-ups and appointments. We share the benefits of making facials a monthly habit.

Deep cleaning and anti-aging

Sure, you use your facial wash religiously every day. But this is not enough to get rid of the deep-seated dirt that may be lodged within your pores. You may also have a stash of anti-aging creams and masks, but by regularly visiting your aesthetician, you’ll receive more potent products that do the job and more effectively, at that.

The great thing about facials is that your aesthetician gets down to the root of the problem and is able to thoroughly clean your face, removing unwanted toxins and bacteria. This lets your skin breathe and you’ll leave the spa looking all fresh. Having clean skin makes for a great base for any kind of makeup, making you extra vibrant for that date or Zoom meeting.

Don’t deny it (because we’re all guilty)—you’ve been dreaming of having the same clear, dewy, and luminous skin just like your fave K-drama stars! The Belo Glass Skin Facial helps you achieve this with its multi-step deep cleansing wash followed by an ultrasound treatment using hyaluronic acid gel. Yeppuda!

Professional assessment and care

Not everyone is just dealing with an occasional bout with acne. Some have more serious problems affecting their face—from hyperpigmentation, warts, scarring, to fine lines. By letting the experts regularly check your face, you’ll receive a professional assessment and get the right products to treat these immediately. 

Belo Glycopeel Cleaning can actually customize the right concentration of fruit acid (from 20% to 70%) so that it’s just right for your skin’s needs. The solution used helps revive dull skin that’s prone to breakouts because of the clogged, dirty pores. 

For a more intense anti-aging session, the Belo Salt Facial uses micro-exfoliation with all-natural sea salt, cleaning the face with a high-frequency current. Mandelic or Glycolic acid will then be applied with a deep-penetrating ultrasound to make sure your skin absorbs all the anti-oxidants via a stem cell-rich gel. Finally, high-intensity LED light therapy is used to boost the facial’s anti-aging benefits.


We don’t think we’ve ever heard of anyone who didn’t enjoy getting a facial. Who doesn’t like receiving that well-deserved massage and me-time after a stressful month? Admit it, you must have dozed off once or twice because of the calming, zen-inducing music and all those aromatherapy oils. Most beauty clinics even serve hot tea after a session for that extra dose of relaxation. Scientifically speaking, facial massages also help circulate the blood in your lymphatic vessels and reduce puffiness.

These are just a few of the many benefits of facials not just for your skin’s appearance, but also for your overall wellness and mental health, as well. With any self-care activity, we affirm just how important it is to carve time out of our busy schedule to reward ourselves. 

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