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The Best Microneedling Treatment? Skin Genius.

By Ysabel Vitangcol on June 10, 2020

Champion mom Jinkee Pacquiao, world-class belter Morissette Amon, superhero Jane de Leon, and screen queen Iza Calzado have tried this amazing treatment. You’re sure to have stumbled upon it on our IGTV and YouTube accounts: it’s none other than the famed Skin Genius, a combination of high-intensity RF and microneedling technology. It’s the double whammy you’ve always wanted—not only does it slim and sculpt the face (with RF), but it also improves skin quality by encouraging your skin to jumpstart the healing process (with microneedling). And where’s the best place to get this microneedling treatment? Actually, the only place you can try Skin Genius in the Philippines is Belo!

What is the best microneedling treatment?

Like we said, Skin Genius specifically targets skin laxity, pigmentation, and textural issues in a single 40-minute treatment, so if you’re looking for a powerful skin savior that packs a punch (or three), then this is the perfect one for you. You’ll see immediate, and we mean immediate, results before you can even hop off the treatment bed! In fact, you can ask your Belo doctor to work on one side of your face first, so that you can stop halfway through to take a photo and see the difference. 

What is “genius skin”?

Why is the machine called “Skin Genius,” you ask? Well, its delivery of radiofrequency is intelligent, meaning that the machine applies just the right amount of heat needed for each square inch of skin. According to Lutronic, the manufacturer of Skin Genius, “Precise coagulation zones achieved through real-time impedance monitoring ensures desired energy is consistently and precisely delivered.” The skin on your jawline, for example, needs a different heat level than the skin around your eyes. With their specially-designed handpiece, precise depth is also achieved in the microneedling.

Where to get Skin Genius

Dr. Vicki Belo and the Belo Medical Group pride ourselves on providing you with the latest and greatest in aesthetic technology. It’s for this reason that Skin Genius is exclusively available at Belo Medical Group here in the Philippines—this amazing machine deserves the best protocol that only Belo can provide you.

Say bye-bye to loose, sagging skin and pigmentation with Skin Genius! It’s available at our BGC, Greenbelt, and Greenhills clinics for the time being, so head here to call the branches directly and book your appointment. We are excited to bring you one step closer to the skin of your dreams.

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