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What is Belo Ulthera Plus

By Ysabel Vitangcol on June 26, 2018

What is Belo Ulthera Plus? It’s inevitable: As we age, our skin starts to lose elastin and collagen, a.k.a. key proteins responsible for keeping skin firm and taut. This, plus other factors such as sun exposure, dehydration, friction, and even pollution, all contribute to the loss of youthfulness in the face—to be replaced by wrinkly, sagging, and drooping skin.

The good news? When it comes to groundbreaking beauty solutions, Belo Medical Group has always been at the forefront, delivering the latest anti-aging technologies to people who need it, and need it fast. While radio frequency- and laser-powered treatments continue to provide great results, the latest “It” skin procedure—one that’s favored by ageless beauty Alice Dixon and even It Girl-slash-model Georgina Wilson—relies on tried-and-tested focused ultrasound energy to help you counteract the effects of gravity and sun exposure, all without surgery. Even better: When combined with other bestselling Belo treatments, you can get even more astounding results!

Here, all that you need to know about Belo Ulthera Plus:

Fact #1: Ulthera can give lift and tighten your skin.

What sets Ulthera apart from other tightening procedures? Its brilliant precision. “It’s a high-intensity, focused ultrasound system,” explains Dr. Vicki Belo, adding that unlike radio frequency technology, it goes deeper into the skin and works in a more precise manner. Using a transducer, it is focused to hit precise points under the skin for a targeted treatment. “It sends a high-intensity focused beam that instantly contracts the collagen and the elastin,” says Dr. Belo. As a result, targeted areas are instantly tightened and lifted, with more visible improvement seen within two to three months—sometimes even earlier. It’s perfect for addressing any loss of firmness or elasticity on the cheeks, the jawline, the neck, and even the brow area.

Fact #2: It’s absolutely non-invasive.

Not a fan of going under the knife? This treatment’s for you. The procedure is done using an ultrasound applicator, which emits sound waves that deliver controlled amounts of energy into the deep layers of the skin. This initiates the body’s rejuvenating mechanisms—all without cutting or disrupting the skin’s surface. Dr. Marilou Babaran, medical operations head of the Belo Medical Group, explains that while there is no wound on the surface, “the best way to stimulate collagen is to do wound remodeling or wound healing, so you need to ‘injure’ in order to heal,” she says. As a result, collagen production is stimulated, resulting in tightening, contouring, and even improvement of skin texture.

Alice Dixson during Ulthera treatment

Actress Alice Dixson undergoes the Belo Ulthera procedure to keep her skin glowing and youthful.

Fact #3: There can be discomfort, but it’s usually tolerable.

The Ulthera experience varies from person to person, depending on one’s tolerance for pain. A topical anesthesia is usually applied, although some patients prefer to be sedated via IV sedation to maximize their comfort, as well as the results. “When a patient is sleeping, I can do more ‘pulses’ [using the machine] and I am not limited by the patient’s pain tolerance,” explains Dr. Belo. She adds that the ideal number is “600 to 800 pulses minimum per session,” with sessions done every 12 to 18 months. The procedure typically lasts for around 45 minutes. “We use the highest pulse rate, and it works really fast and is very effective—you can see great results,” adds Dr. Belo. “You get more lifting and more collagen production.”

Fact #4: It’s considered a “lunchtime procedure.”

Like most of Belo’s non-invasive treatments, Ulthera comes with minimal downtime. In fact, you can easily resume normal activities right after a session—even work out or put on makeup. “Some patients experience a feeling of tenderness on the affected area, while some have minor bruising or swelling,” says Dr. Babaran. But it’s usually mild and goes away after a few days. She adds, “I would equate the pain to a mild toothache.”

Fact #5: Results are instantaneous, and even get better over time.

Not a very patient patient? No prob. “I would say that 50% of the results are already apparent immediately after the procedure, and then the other 50% happens over three months,” says Dr. Belo. Post-treatment, skin looks refreshed, lifted, and more contoured, with visibly less sagging or drooping. “It works really well especially for the jaw line, as it really makes the skin stuck to the jaw, and it’s very good for double chins,” adds Dr. Belo.

It is important to note, though, that the younger you are, the longer the effects last. “So if you’re in your 30s or early 40s, [you’re advised] to do it only once every two years, and with less pulses,” says Dr. Belo. “As you get older, skin starts to sag and fall. So if you’re 35 and up, you already need more pulses.” Once you hit 45, though—when skin’s health and youthfulness really starts to plummet—you’ll need to do Ulthera every year. This is also when Dr. Belo usually starts doing combination techniques, and not just “monotherapy” (a.k.a. one therapy) via Ulthera.

Fact #6: It can be safely combined with other anti-aging treatments for better results via Belo Ulthera Plus.

For patients with more visible aging symptoms and problems, like those over 40, Ulthera is usually combined with other treatments for a customized management of skin concerns and is thus called Belo Ulthera Plus. “Every patient needs something different, so [what we give is] tailored and created only for your particular needs,” says Dr. Belo. Additional treatments include Skin Reboot, another skin-tightening treatment using a machine that uses radio frequency and micro-current technology, and Belo Vita, which works by introducing hyaluronic acid and antioxidants like Glutathione into the skin to hydrate, plump up, and brighten.

For those in need of a more serious lift, Dr. Belo also suggests using protein threads to mechanically pull the skin up—in conjunction with Ulthera sessions. She asserts, “Because of our expertise, we have mastered the art of combining procedures that will give our patients the best results.”

The bottom line: When it comes to defying gravity and refreshing skin’s collagen minus the needles or surgery, Ulthera is a highly promising treatment that gives real and natural-looking results, all without making you look “made,” or like you’ve had something done. And at the Belo Medical Group, you can be assured that the procedure is always done safely, and with the objective of giving you most optimum results. “When it comes to non-surgical anti-aging treatments, it’s really our specialty,” says Dr. Babaran.

To learn more about Ulthera and the latest beauty offerings at the Belo Medical Group, call 819-BELO (2356) or click here to book an appointment.

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