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What To Expect After Getting A Tummy Tuck

By Ysabel Vitangcol on October 1, 2018

Have loose or sagging skin in the stomach area that regular exercise or dieting can’t fix? Don’t worry—this is actually a common problem for those who have experienced significant changes in their body. “Usually after giving birth or losing a lot of weight, there is a lot of excess skin,” says Dr. March Babaran of Belo Medical Group.

The Beauty Fix

In some cases, doing a fat removal procedure such as liposuction alone won’t help—especially if the skin is laxed and it’s not just the excess fat that you need to address. On the other hand, a tummy tuck procedure can help tighten the stomach muscles and reduce fat and remove excess skin. “When a patient has this concern, we can remove that through this procedure. So, you tighten the muscle, you remove the excess skin—the abdominal skin—and then you remove the fat.”

If you’re interested in getting a tummy tuck, keep reading to find out what you can expect when you undergo this surgical procedure.

You’ll see immediate results

Compared to the results you get from non-surgical treatments, you’ll be thrilled to hear that you’ll see results right away with a tummy tuck. “This is a surgical procedure, so will see immediate results and [that the stomach will be much smaller] than normal,” explains Dr. March. “But as with all surgical procedures, you can expect to see the best results within 3-6 months.”

Expect some downtime

Just like any surgical procedures, tummy tuck requires you to take it easy for about 2-4 weeks so your body can recover. “It is a major surgical procedure and [there will be] cutting of the muscles,” says Dr. March. That’s why the patient usually stays at the Belo surgical suite overnight for observation and they’re advised to do limited physical activities for about a week. “It’s as if they had a cesarean procedure,” adds Dr. March. P.S. Want to learn more about why you can trust Belo when it comes to surgical procedures? Read this article about our NABH accreditation here!

Remember to follow your doctor’s orders

To maintain best results, always remember your doctor’s post-surgery reminders. Dr. March shares some, saying, “No carrying of heavy things and no excessive movements. Just be gentle. You had a major operation, so it’s important to take it easy at first. You have to make sure that the wounds are clean and that there are no strenuous activities, so that the wound will heal well.”

There may be scarring

It really depends on how your skin heals, but if you’re worried about it, know that scars can be treated. “When it comes to scarring, there are a lot of laser treatments that we can do to help improve its appearance,” says Dr. March. After your procedure or as soon as your skin heals, try asking your Belo doctor to recommend topical gels or laser treatments, such as Fraxel or the Fractional C02 Laser and V-Beam, to help improve and hasten your skin’s healing process.

Wondering what else you can do to have a smaller, flatter tummy? Click here or Call 819-BELO to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors.

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