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Why Belo Is a Global Expert in Patient Care

By Ysabel Vitangcol on July 27, 2018

While most clinics promote themselves to be safe with only a professional track record to support their claim, the Belo Medical Group addresses patients’ concerns for medical safety with the highest importance. That’s why for the leading cosmetic dermatology and surgery clinic in the country, it wasn’t enough to have a mere set of internal standards to follow. In order to give their patients only the best, Belo wanted to ensure that its clinics met global standards by achieving international accreditation.

To date, the Belo Medical Group is the first and only Philippine medical-aesthetic clinic accredited by the prestigious and globally-known National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) International. According to the Board, one of its focal points is the “safety and quality of health care based upon national and international standards.”

“The Belo Medical Group decided to partner with [NABH], because we want our standards to be in tune with a standard healthcare facility,” says Filipino Buñag, M.D., Assistant Medical Director. Attaining international accreditation isn’t an easy feat, but when you’re considering anything medically-related for your body—especially surgery—you wouldn’t want to work with any healthcare professional or clinic that scrimps on expertise and safety.

That’s why if you’re a patient considering cosmetic dermatology and surgery procedures, here’s why it is so important to work with a clinic that meets global standards:

It ensures that you’re receiving the best patient care from your clinic, not only during your treatment or procedure, but even prior—from your very first consultation up until you head home during your post-treatment or post-op.

“[The NABH] noted all [of Belo’s] processes,” explains Dr. Buñag. “Not just the medical side, but all our processes—digital, purchasing, how we keep our medicine, how we dispense [it], how we open for our consultations. Then they gave us a list of processes that we should follow, and based on that, we made a manual for medical, operational, and financial policies that comply with NABH standards.” After their first audit, Belo complied with all of NABH’s recommendations, and they became the first and only NABH accredited wellness center in the country.

It means that your clinic isn’t only caring for you up to the international standard, it also means that they’re making it a priority to stay updated with all kinds of medical advancements.

“We follow the standard for patient care, for machine care, and for research and development,” says Dr. Buñag. “Everything has a process and we follow it.” Good service is just the minimum—Belo goes for excellent service that’s supported by science.

It assures you that your clinic will never get complacent with giving you only the best.

“When we’re accredited once, it doesn’t mean we are accredited forever. We are re-audited and re-checked every two years,” says Dr. Buñag. Getting audited regularly is by no means a smooth sailing event, what with all the necessary requirements. But as Dr. Buñag puts it, “We want what’s best for our patients. We want them to be assured that we comply with global standards on health and wellness care.”

Be cared for by the best—be cared for by Belo! Click here to book an appointment. You may also email us at or call our hotline 819-BELO (2356) for more details.

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